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Saturday March 4th, 2017 The ECU Open

The meet didn’t go as well as I would have liked, but I really enjoyed getting to see all of my old teammates and friends from eastern NC. It was great…..weights were lifted, caffeine was downed, and too much candy was eaten. At least that’s what I did. Here’s a break down from the meet.


84 miss

84 make

88 miss

Clean and Jerk:

108 make

112 make

116 miss

Baller WOD Body Massage


Post Comp Squats: After a full day of lifting and watching lifting I was pretty beat up so I just did squats.

290lbs 1×3

225 1×10

295 1×3

225 1×10

300 1×2

225 1×10

Wednesday March 1, 2017

Front Squat w/ 5s pause at the bottom and 10s pause: I opted to do these barefoot and with no knee wraps because my mobility allows it and I wanted to see what I could work up to. I ended up working up to 115kg.

Push Press 5rm: 72kg 1×5 and 60kg for 1×6

These didn’t feel so good, so I called it at 72kg and hit my reps.

Jerk Recoveries: 115kg 1×3 121kg 1×1

My back was feeling a little fried from the past few days so I opted to not do the snatch deadlifts.


Pendlay Rows: 3×10 with 40kg

Front Raises: 3×10 with a ladies bar

Push- Ups: 3×12

It was a short day but I felt pretty beat up so I called it there and went home before the bad weather hit the area.

Tuesday February 28, 2017

My back and legs felt a little beat up today after the heavy squats yesterday, but I still managed to match my best snatch and hit another big squat today. I followed this session up with the active recovery cycle on the Compex on my lower back and quads.

Snatch Grip Push Press + OHS:

  • Worked up to 2+1 at 63kg

Block Snatch:

  • 50kg 1×3
  • 60kg 1×3
  • 68kg 1×3
  • 72kg  1×1
  • 75kg 1×1
  • 80kg 1×1
  • 84kg 1×1
  • 88kg 1×1
  • 91kg 1×1

Hip Snatch:

  • 35kg 1×3
  • 45kg 1×3
  • 50kg 3×3

Front Squat with 5s pause:

  • worked up to 125kg for 1×1

SA OH Carry:

  • 3x40yd each arm with 50lb kettlebell


Monday February 27, 2016

As of today I’m less than a week out from my next meet. I’m going to this meet to total over 200kg. If all goes well then I’ll only need to go 4/6 to accomplish this. There will be no taper and the only difference between what the program says and what I’m doing is that Saturday will be a two a day where I do Friday and Saturdays workout.

Block Clean and Jerk:

  • 65 1×3
  • 75 1×3
  • 85 1×2
  • 92 x1
  • 97 x1
  • 102 x1
  • 107 x1
  • 112 x1 I slipped and missed the jerk on this one.
  • 113 x1

No Hook Power Clean:

  • worked up to 98kg for a single

Back Squat:

  • 135kg for 1×5 PR!
  • 122kg for 1×10 a huge PR!

After the crappy squat session that happened on Saturday this was a huge confidence booster for me.

Deficit Clean Pulls:

  • 105kg 1×3
  • 110kg 1×3
  • 115kg 1×3




Max Out Friday February 24, 2017

The ECU Weightlifting Open is only eight days away, so this was my last maxout session where I’ll snatch and clean and jerk before the meet. Considering the circumstances surrounding the session (less than 4 hours of sleep) I think the session went pretty well. I was moving a lot slower than I would have liked, but the strength was there and my jerk looked better than it ever has up until 115kg. My work up numbers from today are the same ones I plan to use next week.


  • empty bar
  • 35kg for a couple of reps
  • 45kg for a couple of reps
  • 55kg for 2×1
  • 62kg for 1×1
  • 70kg for 1×1
  • 75kg for 1×1
  • 80kg for 1×1
  • 84kg for 1×1
  • 88kg for 1×1 miss
  • 89kg for 1×1 make
  • two misses at 92kg, one miss was a decent attempt and the other was a clark…….which is really embarrassing. That miss most certainly goes back to a lack of speed. I looked like molasses in the winter on both lifts at 92kg.

Clean and Jerk:

  • empty bar
  • 55kg for 1 clean + 2 jerks
  • 70kg for 1×1
  • 80kg for 1×1
  • 90kg for 1×1
  • 97kg for 1×1
  • 104kg for 1×1
  • 108kg for 1×1
  • 112kg for 1×1
  • 115kg for 1×1 I made the clean and missed the jerk. The clean wasn’t a technically sound lift. The weight didn’t feel too heavy though so progress is being made.

KB Swings

  • 3×12 with 32kg KB

February 23, 2017 More Metcon Madness

Once again the title is a little misleading because no metcon was done, but I did do the whole workout in my Nike metcons.

Single Arm KB Overhead Squats

  • 3x5e at 40lbs

Unilateral Kb Farmers Walk

  • 3x40yd each with 32kg kettlebell


Plate Around the Worlds

  • 3×8 each way with 10kg plate

Plate T-spine Flexion and Extension

  • 3×10 with 3s pause with 15kg plate

“Harambe Hangs”

  • 3×8

MB Push-ups

  • 3×10


Get Up Sit ups

  • 3×10 with medicine ball

I spent a few minutes after the workout playing around with my jump rope, so I could demonstrate any jump rope variations that I programmed for that afternoon for the kids. After Nationals I think I’m going to take a couple of blocks and do an athletic performance/gridstyle type of program. That’s a ways down the road though so we’ll see what happens.