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February 7, 2017 I Wanna Go Fast!

Today was all about fast snatches. The snatch has been a long time weakness of mine. In meets its always been take what you can get and make it up in the clean and jerk. While this method has worked quite well and works well for others, I’d rather beat people in both lifts. It’s been a long process getting the lift to look and feel right, but it’s starting to click and feel snappy again.

Snatch Push Press + OHS: 2+1 at 45, 55, 63, 68

Snatch off Blocks: 2×3 at 63, 2×2 at 68, 1×2 at 73, and a single at 78

Don said the 78kg snatch was the fastest he’d seen me move, which needless to say made me grin ear to ear because all I’ve heard the past two weeks is “speed up as you go” or “you gotta move”.

Next up was Power Position Block Snatches: I did several triples at 55kg

1rm Front Squat with a 5s pause: 113kg

This lift felt super smooth for it to be my first heavy front squat in six weeks, and I did it in my metcons! Get you some of that!

Snatch Pulls w/ 6s eccentric: 3×3 at 85kg

February 6, 2017

Today I started the Mash Method program. The last six weeks I’ve been on my own program, and with the exception of the sixth week of the program I really started to feel like a weightlifter again. I’m excited to take that progress and carry it into the mash method program and hopefully hit some PR’s in the competition lifts.


Day 1: I ROLLED through this workout because I had to be at work at 6. The entire thing took a little over an hour and a half… that crossfit? Since there were no burpees I’m going to say no.

Block Clean and Jerks: 2×3 at 80, 2×2 at 86, 1×2 at 92, and a super smooth single at 100

No Hook Block Power Cleans: 2×3 at 75, 2×3 at 80 followed by singles at 85, 90, and 93

I would have gone a little bit heavier on these, but I wanted to finish the day out with no misses.

Next up was back squats I worked up to a heavy 5rm with a 3s pause on the first rep followed by two drop sets. The weights felt really good considering I maxed out on Saturday.

Back Squats: 120×5, 102×5, 102×10

Deficit Pulls: 5×3 102, 105, 107, 110, 110


Belt Squat RDL’s 3×8  Pro tip use two kettlebells or else you’ll look like a noob

ss BB elevated hip thrusts 3×8



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