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March 14th, 2017

Things are coming along. Travis’s Mash Method program is working like a charm for me and I’m confident that this will be my best meet prep to date.


  • 45kg 1×3
  • 55kg 1×3
  • 64kg 1×2
  • 68kg 2×2
  • 72kg 2×2
  • 77kg 2×1
  • 80kg 1×1 miss
  • 84kg 1×1
  • 88kg 1×1 miss
  • 89kg 1×1
  • 92kg 1×1 PR attempt and miss

My right shoulder gave during my attempt at 92kg, it felt a little off during my entire snatch session so after a few sketchy no hook no feet snatches I decided not to do anymore overhead work for the day. I’m going to spend more time during my accessory work building up my shoulders though because another shoulder injury would be devastating.

Front Squat with a 5s pause:

  • 121kg 1×1
  • 127kg 1×1 miss

Accessory Work:

A lot of shoulder work with the small bands. The exercises I did are what I imagine make up a good chunk of crossover symmetry. My shoulders felt a lot better once I finished all of the different exercises.


Clean and Jerks for Days March 13, 2017

Today was all about raising the minimums. I didn’t hit anything big, but the volume and intensity was a PR for sure. I got a little lazy at the end and missed my last attempt in the clean and jerk, but I’ll come back and make it up on Friday.

Clean and Jerk:

  • 60kg 1×3
  • 72kg 1×3
  • 85kg 1×2
  • 90kg 2×2
  • 97kg 2×2
  • 102kg 2×1
  • 106kg 1×1 miss, should have taken it again and made it…but my shoulders felt really beat up.

Block Power Clean:

  • 85kg 3×3
  • 90kg 1×3
  • 94kg 1×3

Back Squat:

  • 130kg 1×3 with a 3s pause on the first rep
  • 115kg 2×3


Max Out Friday!!

What I day! I finally broke my clean and jerk mental barrier and hit a 3kg PR. Things are clicking and are looking good as Nationals training really gets going. If I can break through in the snatch too then nothing will stop me from hitting my goals at Nationals.


  • 88Kg
  • Misses at 92kg and 93kg both PR attempts

Clean and Jerk:

  • 114kg PR
  • 117kg PR
  • 120kg Clean from the floor PR

Front Squat:

  • 131kg for 1×1

Muscle Snatch

  • 35kg 1×5
  • 40kg 1×5
  • 45kg 1×5


Thursday March 9, 2017 Big Lifts On a Thursday!

Normally Thursdays are a little slower because it’s the day before Max Out Friday. That’s what I was planning on doing during this session, but things took a turn for the heavier once I got to the compound. Since I didn’t train Monday I mixed the programming from Wednesday and Thursday. I was planning on doing some light block power clean + push jerks and light squats. I ended up push jerking to max with Jackie and squatting heavy, then I crushed accessory work with Meg. Here’s how the workout went.

Block Power Clean + Push Jerk:

  • empty bar
  • 45 1×1+2
  • 65 1×1+1
  • 75 1×1+1
  • 85 1×1+1
  • 90 1×1+1
  • 95 1×1+1
  • 100 1×1+1 This ended up being a clean + a push jerk but a PR is a PR!!

Back Squat + Chains: I worked up to a heavy double and then did some drop sets

  • 121kg + 30kg of chain for 1×2
  • 101kg + 30kg of chains for 2×5

I decided to only do two drop sets because Max Out Friday was only 24 hours away.

Accessory Work:

  • Sled Rope Pulls 5x20ish yards with 50-65kg
  • Sled Bear Crawls 4x20ish yards with not enough weight 1×40 with the plates + Meg
  • TRX Knee Tucks 4×12

I have very poor aerobic capacity, so the last bear crawl was pretty tough. That just means I need to do them more because I shouldn’t be as worn out as quickly as I do.

Wednesday March 8, 2017

My snatches were a little off today; the strength was there, but the technique was off and the movement was slower than normal. Other than that this program is working very well. I did do some extra work at home today. My dog needed a bath and while that may not sound like work she can be a handful. On the plus side she smells like a berry right now and her fur is extra soft. I also warmed up before the training session by playing soccer with my dog too. Anyways on to the training session.



  • 45 1×3
  • 55 1×3
  • 63 1×2
  • 68 2×2
  • 72 2×2
  • 77 2×1 miss and make
  • 80 1×1
  • 84 miss

No Hook No Feet Snatch

  • I did some singles and doubles at 55kg to get a feel for them

Front Squat with 5sec pause

  • 120 1×1

I did singles working all the way up

Push Press

  • 80 1×3
  • 75 2×3

Accessory Work

  • Lateral Raises 3×10 with 10lb dumbbells
  • DB Bent Rows 3x5e 1 set with 45’s and 2 sets with 60’s
  • Face Pulls 3×12

Tuesday March 7, 2017 A New Block

I didn’t train Monday because I felt so beat up. Instead I stretched and coached. The next block of programming has jerks four times a week, and I just can’t hack that. I’m going to play around with the program because typically doing jerks twice a week has worked best for me.


  • 58 1×3
  • 70 1×3
  • 80 1×2
  • 88 2×2
  • 93 2×2
  • 98 2×1
  • 102 1×1
  • 107 1×1

Block Power Cleans:

  • 80 3×3
  • 92 1×3

Back Squat:

  • 126 1×3
  • 116 2×3

Accessory Work:

Z- Press: 4×5

Push- Ups: 3×10

Back Extensions: 3×10


Stupid Human Tricks: Sumo Close Grip Snatch up to 60kg…… I obliterated my knee caps doing these, so that didn’t feel very good. It was fun though and I felt like I was moving pretty fast.

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