Tuesday February 28, 2017

My back and legs felt a little beat up today after the heavy squats yesterday, but I still managed to match my best snatch and hit another big squat today. I followed this session up with the active recovery cycle on the Compex on my lower back and quads.

Snatch Grip Push Press + OHS:

  • Worked up to 2+1 at 63kg

Block Snatch:

  • 50kg 1×3
  • 60kg 1×3
  • 68kg 1×3
  • 72kg  1×1
  • 75kg 1×1
  • 80kg 1×1
  • 84kg 1×1
  • 88kg 1×1
  • 91kg 1×1

Hip Snatch:

  • 35kg 1×3
  • 45kg 1×3
  • 50kg 3×3

Front Squat with 5s pause:

  • worked up to 125kg for 1×1

SA OH Carry:

  • 3x40yd each arm with 50lb kettlebell


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