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Strength & Mindset: Coaching Youth for Success with Gabriel Villarreal – The Barbell Life 410

This week on The Barbell Life Podcast we talk to Coach Gabriel Villarreal, LPC about his hybrid approach to mental health and strength training with youth. He’s grown a successful business based...

Unlocking Athletic Potential: Pillars of Fitness – The Barbell Life 409

Welcome to another exciting episode of The Barbell Life Podcast! This week, we delve into the critical aspects of training that seamlessly transfer to sport for athletes across all levels of...

Resistance Training and Weightlifting for Youth Updated Stance

Resistance Training for Youth: An Updated View I wrote an article two years ago breaking down the latest research regarding resistance training and weightlifting for youth. You can read that article...

Resistance Training For Youth – The Barbell Life 408

This week on The Barbell Life Podcast, we delve into our revamped perspective on Resistance Training for Youth. We begin by summarizing our previously discussed stance and then present our updated...

Stimuli – The Barbell Life 406

Finally, the Barbell Life Podcast is back. We are starting off this season with some information guaranteed to help all coaches and athletes. First, this season is brought to you by GymAware, the gold...

Spring Training at the Mash House

Play is the work of childhood. Believing and encouraging this lifestyle as parents is a wonderful gift we can give our children. The days are warmer and longer this time of year, and it’s the...

External Resistance: Bands & Chains v. Straight Weight

Before we learn all about the pros and cons of bands and chains, we just dropped two brand new Programs: ==> SuperTotal: Strong and Sexy ==> Powerlifting: Tank Extreme Conjugate Only $35 for...

Best Practices When Coaching Young Athletes with Missy Mitchell-McBeth – The Barbell Life 405

On this special episode of The Barbell Life Podcast, Coach Mash discusses High School Strength and Conditioning with Coach Missy Mitchell-McBeth. In the wake of Coach Harrell from Rockwall-Heath High...

Accentuated Eccentric Loading (AEL) with Tim Suchomel -The Barbell Life 404

Ok, we are back from a slight layoff for the holidays. We are starting 2023 out big with Episode 404, “Accentuated Eccentric Loading (AEL) to Improve Power Production and Rate,” with my...

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