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We work hard to provide you with the most scientifically proven methods to help you reach your goals

Mash Elite, founded in 1999 by world champion Travis Mash, is a premier training facility dedicated to coaching athletes of all ages. With over 21 years of knowledge and barbell experience, Travis established Mash Elite to share elite programming protocols used by Olympians with everyday athletes. Our mission is to make high-level training accessible, offering customized programming, unlimited video analysis, and a comprehensive collection of ebooks covering a range of topics, from muscle building to nutrition to mindset.

His Story

Travis Mash’s journey in the realm of strength training spans over two decades, marking a profound commitment to the discipline. With over 21 years dedicated to honing his expertise, he has cultivated a deep understanding of the intricacies of strength, speed, and athletic performance. Over the course of 12 years, Travis has channeled his passion into working closely with athletes, ranging from aspiring Olympians and NFL prospects to beginners as young as twelve and seniors seeking enhanced mobility.

Travis’s influence extends across a diverse array of sports and disciplines. His clientele includes athletes engaged in football, basketball, swimming, track and field, mixed martial arts, Tae Kwon Do, baseball, lacrosse, water polo, Olympic Weightlifting, powerlifting, volleyball, cross country, triathlons, wrestling, bobsledding, and more. Notably, he has contributed to the success of individuals at various levels, sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience to tailor training programs to the unique demands of each sport.

Beyond his contributions as a published author in strength and conditioning journals, Travis’s holistic approach sets him apart. His system encapsulates seven crucial aspects: personalized assessments for mobility and muscular balance, goal setting, performance mindset, nutritional education, comprehensive speed and jumping training, sport-specific regimens, and ongoing motivation through assessments and evaluations. As a current world champion in Powerlifting, a former Olympic Hopeful in Weightlifting, and a recruited member of the US Men’s Bobsled Team, Travis Mash brings a champion’s mentality to both athletes and the general public. His dedication to inspiring lifestyle changes reflects his commitment to the well-rounded development of individuals under his guidance.

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