Wednesday March 1, 2017

Front Squat w/ 5s pause at the bottom and 10s pause: I opted to do these barefoot and with no knee wraps because my mobility allows it and I wanted to see what I could work up to. I ended up working up to 115kg.

Push Press 5rm: 72kg 1×5 and 60kg for 1×6

These didn’t feel so good, so I called it at 72kg and hit my reps.

Jerk Recoveries: 115kg 1×3 121kg 1×1

My back was feeling a little fried from the past few days so I opted to not do the snatch deadlifts.


Pendlay Rows: 3×10 with 40kg

Front Raises: 3×10 with a ladies bar

Push- Ups: 3×12

It was a short day but I felt pretty beat up so I called it there and went home before the bad weather hit the area.

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