Max Out Friday February 24, 2017

The ECU Weightlifting Open is only eight days away, so this was my last maxout session where I’ll snatch and clean and jerk before the meet. Considering the circumstances surrounding the session (less than 4 hours of sleep) I think the session went pretty well. I was moving a lot slower than I would have liked, but the strength was there and my jerk looked better than it ever has up until 115kg. My work up numbers from today are the same ones I plan to use next week.


  • empty bar
  • 35kg for a couple of reps
  • 45kg for a couple of reps
  • 55kg for 2×1
  • 62kg for 1×1
  • 70kg for 1×1
  • 75kg for 1×1
  • 80kg for 1×1
  • 84kg for 1×1
  • 88kg for 1×1 miss
  • 89kg for 1×1 make
  • two misses at 92kg, one miss was a decent attempt and the other was a clark…….which is really embarrassing. That miss most certainly goes back to a lack of speed. I looked like molasses in the winter on both lifts at 92kg.

Clean and Jerk:

  • empty bar
  • 55kg for 1 clean + 2 jerks
  • 70kg for 1×1
  • 80kg for 1×1
  • 90kg for 1×1
  • 97kg for 1×1
  • 104kg for 1×1
  • 108kg for 1×1
  • 112kg for 1×1
  • 115kg for 1×1 I made the clean and missed the jerk. The clean wasn’t a technically sound lift. The weight didn’t feel too heavy though so progress is being made.

KB Swings

  • 3×12 with 32kg KB

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