February 23, 2017 More Metcon Madness

Once again the title is a little misleading because no metcon was done, but I did do the whole workout in my Nike metcons.

Single Arm KB Overhead Squats

  • 3x5e at 40lbs

Unilateral Kb Farmers Walk

  • 3x40yd each with 32kg kettlebell


Plate Around the Worlds

  • 3×8 each way with 10kg plate

Plate T-spine Flexion and Extension

  • 3×10 with 3s pause with 15kg plate

“Harambe Hangs”

  • 3×8

MB Push-ups

  • 3×10


Get Up Sit ups

  • 3×10 with medicine ball

I spent a few minutes after the workout playing around with my jump rope, so I could demonstrate any jump rope variations that I programmed for that afternoon for the kids. After Nationals I think I’m going to take a couple of blocks and do an athletic performance/gridstyle type of program. That’s a ways down the road though so we’ll see what happens.

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