Monday February 27, 2016

As of today I’m less than a week out from my next meet. I’m going to this meet to total over 200kg. If all goes well then I’ll only need to go 4/6 to accomplish this. There will be no taper and the only difference between what the program says and what I’m doing is that Saturday will be a two a day where I do Friday and Saturdays workout.

Block Clean and Jerk:

  • 65 1×3
  • 75 1×3
  • 85 1×2
  • 92 x1
  • 97 x1
  • 102 x1
  • 107 x1
  • 112 x1 I slipped and missed the jerk on this one.
  • 113 x1

No Hook Power Clean:

  • worked up to 98kg for a single

Back Squat:

  • 135kg for 1×5 PR!
  • 122kg for 1×10 a huge PR!

After the crappy squat session that happened on Saturday this was a huge confidence booster for me.

Deficit Clean Pulls:

  • 105kg 1×3
  • 110kg 1×3
  • 115kg 1×3




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