Category: Motivation

Tools for Optimizing Performance and Recovery With Louisa Nicola – The Barbell Life 403

This week on the Barbell Life Podcast, we are talking to NeuroPhysiologist Louisa Nicola, host of The Neuro Experience Podcast and Founder of Neuro Athletics. Here are some of the amazing points she covered: Regarding Sleep: Consistent sleep at the same time How much time should you get per night What’s the best time to…

Ricky McFarlane and his son

All About Strength and Conditioning with Ricky McFarlane – The Barbell Life 390

Today on the Barbell Life Podcast, we have an OG Mash Athlete turned Strength Coach extraordinaire, Coach Ricky McFarlane owner of PWR Sports and Human Performance in England. He is the coach to some of the best Boxing, MMA, Football (aka Soccer), and Rugby Athletes in the UK. Today we talked about: How to get…

Training Tools with Michael Chatman – The Barbell Life 387

Today we talked to Coach Michael Chatman, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Men’s Basketball and Golf at Stanford University. He takes a very commonsense approach with yet some very unique perspectives on the way he approaches training for his athletes. In this episode, we discuss: Anti-Rotation and Plyometrics to improve rotational power Gary Gray…

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