Thursday March 9, 2017 Big Lifts On a Thursday!

Normally Thursdays are a little slower because it’s the day before Max Out Friday. That’s what I was planning on doing during this session, but things took a turn for the heavier once I got to the compound. Since I didn’t train Monday I mixed the programming from Wednesday and Thursday. I was planning on doing some light block power clean + push jerks and light squats. I ended up push jerking to max with Jackie and squatting heavy, then I crushed accessory work with Meg. Here’s how the workout went.

Block Power Clean + Push Jerk:

  • empty bar
  • 45 1×1+2
  • 65 1×1+1
  • 75 1×1+1
  • 85 1×1+1
  • 90 1×1+1
  • 95 1×1+1
  • 100 1×1+1 This ended up being a clean + a push jerk but a PR is a PR!!

Back Squat + Chains: I worked up to a heavy double and then did some drop sets

  • 121kg + 30kg of chain for 1×2
  • 101kg + 30kg of chains for 2×5

I decided to only do two drop sets because Max Out Friday was only 24 hours away.

Accessory Work:

  • Sled Rope Pulls 5x20ish yards with 50-65kg
  • Sled Bear Crawls 4x20ish yards with not enough weight 1×40 with the plates + Meg
  • TRX Knee Tucks 4×12

I have very poor aerobic capacity, so the last bear crawl was pretty tough. That just means I need to do them more because I shouldn’t be as worn out as quickly as I do.

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