Wednesday March 8, 2017

My snatches were a little off today; the strength was there, but the technique was off and the movement was slower than normal. Other than that this program is working very well. I did do some extra work at home today. My dog needed a bath and while that may not sound like work she can be a handful. On the plus side she smells like a berry right now and her fur is extra soft. I also warmed up before the training session by playing soccer with my dog too. Anyways on to the training session.



  • 45 1×3
  • 55 1×3
  • 63 1×2
  • 68 2×2
  • 72 2×2
  • 77 2×1 miss and make
  • 80 1×1
  • 84 miss

No Hook No Feet Snatch

  • I did some singles and doubles at 55kg to get a feel for them

Front Squat with 5sec pause

  • 120 1×1

I did singles working all the way up

Push Press

  • 80 1×3
  • 75 2×3

Accessory Work

  • Lateral Raises 3×10 with 10lb dumbbells
  • DB Bent Rows 3x5e 1 set with 45’s and 2 sets with 60’s
  • Face Pulls 3×12

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