March 14th, 2017

Things are coming along. Travis’s Mash Method program is working like a charm for me and I’m confident that this will be my best meet prep to date.


  • 45kg 1×3
  • 55kg 1×3
  • 64kg 1×2
  • 68kg 2×2
  • 72kg 2×2
  • 77kg 2×1
  • 80kg 1×1 miss
  • 84kg 1×1
  • 88kg 1×1 miss
  • 89kg 1×1
  • 92kg 1×1 PR attempt and miss

My right shoulder gave during my attempt at 92kg, it felt a little off during my entire snatch session so after a few sketchy no hook no feet snatches I decided not to do anymore overhead work for the day. I’m going to spend more time during my accessory work building up my shoulders though because another shoulder injury would be devastating.

Front Squat with a 5s pause:

  • 121kg 1×1
  • 127kg 1×1 miss

Accessory Work:

A lot of shoulder work with the small bands. The exercises I did are what I imagine make up a good chunk of crossover symmetry. My shoulders felt a lot better once I finished all of the different exercises.


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