Clean and Jerks for Days March 13, 2017

Today was all about raising the minimums. I didn’t hit anything big, but the volume and intensity was a PR for sure. I got a little lazy at the end and missed my last attempt in the clean and jerk, but I’ll come back and make it up on Friday.

Clean and Jerk:

  • 60kg 1×3
  • 72kg 1×3
  • 85kg 1×2
  • 90kg 2×2
  • 97kg 2×2
  • 102kg 2×1
  • 106kg 1×1 miss, should have taken it again and made it…but my shoulders felt really beat up.

Block Power Clean:

  • 85kg 3×3
  • 90kg 1×3
  • 94kg 1×3

Back Squat:

  • 130kg 1×3 with a 3s pause on the first rep
  • 115kg 2×3


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