Training Tools with Michael Chatman – The Barbell Life 387

Today we talked to Coach Michael Chatman, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Men’s Basketball and Golf at Stanford University. He takes a very commonsense approach with yet some very unique perspectives on the way he approaches training for his athletes.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Anti-Rotation and Plyometrics to improve rotational power
  • Gary Gray 3D Analysis
  • Getting athlete buy-in with small wins
  • Meeting athletes where they are
  • Importance of understanding ‘What’s your program and why’
  • Advantages of the Front squat,
  • The forgotten art of Work capacity
  • Data, GPS, and a subjective spoken questionnaire
  • Disciplining athletes with ‘First strike is a warning shot, and second shot you get shot’
  • My personal favorite ‘Don’t worry about all the things, just know what you know’
  • And so much more

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