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Military Fitness with Randall Wenner – The Barbell Life 277

Randall Wenner was a good friend of mine in college, and I’m so proud to see all that he’s done.

He’s had a long and successful military career – and it’s easy to see that he’s a great leader.

And let me tell you also – this guy is fit. Now a huge part of what he does is get his guys ready to take the military fitness tests.

So we talk about that today. If you’re in the military or are considering going into the military, this is the podcast for you.


The Art of Combining:

Weightlifting - Powerlifting - Bodybuilding

Strongman - Functional Fitness - Endurance Cardio

Learn the art and science of how to train multiple disciplines simultaneously. Get stronger, faster, bigger...


  • The Army identity crisis in fitness
  • His fitness training for special forces
  • How he grinds so much as an entrepreneur
  • The key insight that boosted their pass rate
  • The power of nutrition for tactical athletes
  • and more…

A Look to the Future

By now most of you know that a lot of changes have taken place at Mash Elite. These have been the hardest changes of my career.

Hunter Elam, Nathan Damron, and Meredith Alwine are no longer a part of our team. I am convinced that all of them will go on to do extraordinary things in the sport of weightlifting – and with their lives in general. I am satisfied with the progress they all realized while under my guidance, and I look forward to cheering on all three of them in the future.

This article is my way of helping the weightlifting world understand some of the choices I have made and to help you understand the choices I am going to make in the near future.


It all started during the world championships last year. The announcement was made that athletes would be required to compete six times in 18 months. This meant anyone with an Olympic-hopeful athlete was going to be very busy. And for me, things were going to get crazy.

I had four senior athletes who competed for Team USA. I also had three youths and two juniors who competed for Team USA at their respective international competitions. I have three athletes from other countries who compete on the international stage – and one that I support with guidance and finances. Then there are the athletes who want to make it on the international Stage. I have several in this category, which means I will soon be even busier.

Then I have my online team – which is amazing, by the way. Some of these international athletes are straight off of my online team, Team Mash Elite. I coach amazing youth, junior, senior, and master athletes from all over the world in places like Guam, Australia, and New Zealand. They definitely deserve better attention from me, and they’ve already started receiving just that.

This year alone, I have been to the following foreign countries:

  • Colombia
  • Guatemala
  • Peru
  • Cuba
  • Jamaica
  • Thailand (I’m on the plane writing this right now)

I have visited these cities within the U.S.:

  • Colorado Springs (always my favorite)
  • Anaheim
  • Virginia Beach
  • Chicago
  • Johnson City, TN (USAW Level 1)
  • Las Vegas
  • Raleigh (USAW Level 1)
  • Richmond (USAW Level 1)

Upcoming in my travels for 2019:

  • Sweden (super excited because my wife is coming)
  • Jamaica (super excited because I love the mission of Stronger Experts, and I love the people of Jamaica)
  • Utah for the American Open

I am not complaining. It was my dream to create the best weightlifters in the world. However, a few things have happened that have changed my outlook on pretty much everything.


On February 9th of this year, my precious baby daughter, Magnolia Taylor Mash, was born. There is something about having a baby girl that changed me from the inside out. You see, I have an older daughter, Bailey Alexandra, whom I love with all my heart. Yet I wasn’t there for her like I should have been. I am not going to make up a bunch of useless excuses. All that I can say is I didn’t do a great job, and that is something I will have to live with for the rest of my life.

When Magnolia was born, it was a second chance to father a daughter properly. The biggest part of being a father for either a boy or a girl is being present in their lives. During my return from one of my weightlifting trips, Magnolia didn’t remember me. I actually frightened her, and my baby girl cried in my presence. That was the beginning of the end. I will not make the same mistake twice.

Every time I leave my family, my very soul is crushed. My sons get sad, my daughter just smiles because she is unsure what’s happening, and my beautiful wife gets upset. I just can’t, y’all. I’m not saying I won’t travel to make the world of strength a better place. I am just saying my family will be going with me most of the time, and I won’t travel nearly as much.

Mistakes and Losses

There’s more though. The sheer number of our athletes competing around the world and the U.S. meant that sometimes we had athletes competing at the same time across the globe from each other. I was forced to make difficult choices on where I should personally be. Fortunately, I have the best co-coach in all of America: Crystal McCullough. She has led our athletes in competitions where they performed at lifetime bests. Yet to some of them, I was choosing another athlete over them. Now some of this was my fault with not setting up proper expectations, and some of it was the fast growth of the team.

One mistake I made this year was at the Youth Pan American Championships. Originally we had three athletes qualified: Morgan McCullough, Ryan Grimsland, and Reagan Henry. However, Morgan tweaked his wrist, and we decided to sit it out. Coach Crystal was picked to go as our team coach representative – but when Morgan opted out, so did she. It was my lack of communication that sent two of our youth athletes to Ecuador without us. For that, I am very sorry. I have apologized to the athletes, and I have promised to never let this happen again. I had scheduled a family vacation during that time at the North Caroline Coast. That was also very close to the Senior World Championships. It was my lack of communication and the fact I was distancing myself from certain athletes that caused a lot of our troubles. It was during this time that rumors circled about other coaches recruiting some of my athletes. Do the rumors bother me? Maybe a bit, but dang it – this needed to happen to spark change. I believe all of it to be God’s plan.

In the last year my team lost one of its coaches, Don McCauley. That alone was tough on us all in more ways than one. We were all hurt in a way that wasn’t easily remedied with some form of Band-Aid. Crystal stepped in and has exceeded all of my expectations. But for some, change is rough. I get it – especially now. However, there is something else about Coach McCauley’s sickness that has forced me to look way down deep inside. It’s caused me to look deep into my soul and truly think about what I want out of this life. Everyday I seem to get a bit closer to figuring that out.

When I look at Coach McCauley and Coach Glenn Pendlay, I admire both men. They were able to fully focus on one thing in their lifetimes: the sport of Olympic weightlifting. Glenn used to say he was a Samurai in the fact that he spent his life mastering the craft of weightlifting. Their life was consumed with technique, programming, and their athletes. Glenn saw his athletes more than he saw his son. He loved and cared for his athletes better than any coach I have ever seen.

Wrapped Up

I have watched Don and Glenn get their hearts ripped out when their athletes would leave them. It bothers me too, but not nearly at the level it hurt them. When Dylan Cooper left, he wrote me a long text explaining his decision because he thought I might get upset and block his move to Cal Strength. Coaches can block an athlete from changing teams for about six months if they choose. My response to him was, “Dylan, I am not mad at all, man. This is just weightlifting. We are not curing cancer.” I approved his transfer right away, and Dave Spitz and I became the best of friends during the whole ordeal. I still love Dylan, and he knows that just like Hunter, Nathan, and Meredith do.

Some say that Glenn started dying the moment Donny Shankle and Jon North left his team. Some people who were closest to him say he was never the same. It was later that very year he had his stroke, which started his whole downturn. I watched athletes leave Don, and it would crush him. Personally I don’t think it’s healthy to have your identity wrapped up in your athletes. Sure it’s a part of you – but just a part. Things come and go. People come and go. Coaches, you have to be able to function with or without your athletes.

Some athletes actually like it when their coach is totally wrapped up in them as an athlete. Maybe that’s what some athletes need, but I won’t be that to anyone. I don’t want to teach athletes to be dependent on me or anyone else. That’s destructive behavior that can lead to major consequences later in life.

Besides Glenn, my friend Justin Thacker took his own life. I don’t know the whole story, but I know these facts: He was really hurt by some online accusations, he took his own life in his gym, and he died without forming a family. Once again, the gym was his family. My friend Charles Poliquin died this year also without a family. Honestly this has entirely freaked me out.

Even Bigger

Here’s what all of this led me to understand. First, I have to do a better job of being a sample of God’s love and grace with my own life and the way I treat others. Sometimes when I coach, I feel myself reverting back to the person I was as an athlete – and I don’t like that person at all. Second, my family is going to always come first. You know what? That’s exactly what I want my athletes to see. I want them to see me loving my wife and being a father to my children, so they at least have one good example in their lives. Nothing is worth neglecting one’s family… nothing.

I also want to be the perfect coach for the athletes who I choose to keep. I want to commit to perfecting their programming and staying up to date with what they need to make teams and get stipends. But more importantly I want to do more than make them good lifters – I want to hopefully make a positive impact on their lives. And let me tell you – there is something even bigger I want to do for the sport of weightlifting. Now I am talking about the legacy I intend on leaving, but for this part I will have to leave it blank for just a bit longer. Don’t worry… I will release the news the second things become official.

All I can say is I intend on this being a new beginning for me as a coach as well as my athletes. I hope this will be a new beginning that lasts well after I am gone from this planet. However, I will go on record saying there are things I intend on improving – like communicating and producing better educational content for all of you. Of course, a big part of these changes mean less travel that takes me away from family. Crystal and I have talked about getting better at nurturing our culture now and as we grow once again as a team. I look forward to picking athletes based more on their character and less on their ability (both matter, of course).

Anyway, this is it. This is what happened, and this is where we are headed. I am going to miss my three athletes, but I wish them well. I am grateful I was forced to take a deep look at my life, and I am even more excited I am taking action. I think this is going to make me a better coach for my remaining athletes and my future athletes. I also believe this is going to make me better at providing more educational content for all of you. Thanks for reading – and more importantly thanks for your loyalty. I look forward to the future.

Get Jacked in a Hurry

I was telling my father-in-law yesterday that I have written over one thousand articles since 2002.

I have always taken the outlook if I give as much as possible to all of you, the rest would take care of itself. For 17 years, I have been writing articles, making videos, and producing podcasts, so I could teach all of you the best ways to get strong and in shape. From 2002 until now, things have changed so much – and that change is what I am writing about today.


We are a busy society. The Internet has given us access to our businesses and customers we didn’t have before. We can always be posting, writing, or making videos, so now we are all busier than ever before. We want to train, and we want to get in better shape. However, the fact of the matter is time is limited.

This has been my reality since 2016. I have a growing family, a thriving business, and athletes who are competing all over the world on a monthly basis. I still desire to be strong and in shape, but I care more about my family, athletes, and customers than I care about my own fitness and strength. Are those bad priorities? That’s open for debate, but the fact is that’s the way it is. I am going to spend time with my family. I am going to communicate with my online team and ebook customers. I am going to focus on my in-house athletes.

However, I have found a way to get in shape without spending countless hours in the gym. As I write this, it sounds like an infomercial, but the difference is I am not selling anything. This is 100% for your benefit.

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From @coachtravismash : Great day training at @snapfitnesshr with @emilydrewmash with my new workout plan. Today’s workout: . -Standing Presses 5×3 working up to a 3RM at 9RPE . 1a. Deadlift 6-4-2 working up to 200kg/440lb x 2 (video shown) 1b. Split Stance Jammer Punches 3 x 5ea 1c. Battle Ropes with Squats 3 x 30 sec . 2a. DB Triceps Extensions 4 x 6 2b. Push downs 4 x 10 2c. Preacher Curls 3a. Step-Squat-Lunge mobility 3 x 8ea 3b. Battle Rope 3 x 30 sec . The goals of my workouts are as follows: -Time efficient 60-75 minutes -Strength is still a priority -Movement is a massive component -Bodybuilding to get jacked . These workouts are perfect for people in a hurry, master athletes, and pretty much everyone. . Now my question is: “Would you guys and gals want me to publish these workouts on here daily?” . If so, let me know what questions you have and what you’d like. 👀 the clothing from my favorite companies: wrist wraps and belt from @harbingerfitness @strongerexperts t-shirt #jamaica and my Pan Am Games @usa_weightlifting hat and shoes. . . . @intekstrength #intekstrength @athleteps @harbingerfitness #harbingerfitness @tfox66 #nikeweightlifting #athleteps @mg12power #mg12thepowerofmagnesium #wodfitters @wodfitters @strongerexperts #strongerexperts @leanfitnesssystems #LEANFit @shruggedcollective @andersvarner @usaweightlifting #usaw

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First let’s talk about the goals of the program, which happen to be my goals at this stage of life. Here’s what I am trying to do:

  • Get stronger – This will always be a priority because I love being strong.
  • Get fit – By ‘fit’ I mean more work capacity and better cardiovascular health.
  • Mobility is a key – At this stage of my life I want to be able to move and play sports with my children. I have a 19-year-old, 4-year-old, 2-year-old, and a 6-month-old. My 19-year-old is in college, but the other children are wild and crazy. They want to play sports, run around, and have fun.
  • Leave each workout feeling and moving better – I don’t like the word ‘feel’ because it is so subjective, but really I want my body to experience less inflammation and joint pain. With proper movement patterns and a solid warm up, this is definitely an achievable goal.
  • Get jacked – I have always loved bodybuilding. Yes, even at 46 years old I love chasing the pump. I might be known as a strength athlete and strength coach, but I am definitely a fan of bodybuilding. My desire for the iron was 100% inspired by Arnold, Ferrigno, and Colombu.

So is it possible to accomplish all of these goals in less than 75 minutes? Absolutely, if you have a focused plan, keep the head phones on, and quit the chitchat. Here are a few keys that are important for this to work:

  • a warm up that includes a lighter version of the strength focus on the day (ex. the bar only or 60kg/132lb) – pinpointing the joints that are trouble areas and pinpointing the joints required to perform the tasks at hand
  • a simple periodized approach to the strength movement on the day
  • a circuit-style approach for accessory work
  • a plan that includes bodybuilding movements, joint mobility work designed to improve movement deficiencies, and exercises designed to spark the heart rate
  • targeted strength movements that are also a part of the circuits for efficiency’s sake

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Day 1

Back Squat: 5 x 5 (75% minimum, working toward 5RM at 9 RPE)

Met Con 1
Hang Snatch: 3 x 5 at around 7 RPE
Leg Press: 3 x 10
Farmers Walk: 3 x 25 yards
Barbell Hip Thrusts (with strap around knees): 3 x 12

Met Con 2
Rower: 4 x 250m
Russian Baby Makers: 4 x 10
Lunge: 4 x 50-100m

Day 2

Bench Press: 5 x 5 (75% minimum, working toward 5RM at 9 RPE)

Circuit 1
Clean and Push Press: 5 x 1 + 5 at 70%
Barbell Bentover Row: 5 x 10 (65% minimum)
Weighted Pushups: 5 x 10

Circuit 2
Double Unders: 3 x 25 – 50
Spider Man Walks: 3 x 10 per leg
Weighted Dips: 3 x 10

Day 3

Deadlift (eccentric slower than concentric): 5 x 3 (83% minimum, working toward 3RM at 9 RPE)

Met Con
OH Squat: 4 x 5 (around 7 RPE)
Pullups Strict: 4 x submaximal reps (use weight if more than 10 per set)
TRX Leg Curl: 4 x 10

Circuit 2
Reverse Hypers: 3 x 45 sec
Step-Squat-Lunge (Hip Mobility): 3 x 10 per leg
Prowler Push: 3 x 25 yards (heavy)

Day 4

Clean and Jerk: 5 x 2 (start at 70% and work up to 8 RPE)

Circuit 1
Bench Press: 4 x 10 (start at 65% – work up if too easy)
Horizontal Bodyweight Rows: 4 x submaximal reps (2-sec pause at top of contraction)
Axle Bar Biceps Curls: 4 x 10

Circuit 2
Kettlebell Potato Squats: 4 x 6 (with three deep breaths in the bottom of squat)
Sled Drag Forward: 4 x 40 yards
Heavy Med Ball Throws for Height: 4 x 8
Sled Drag Backward: 4 x 40 yards

Day 5

Front Squat: 5 x 3 ( at minimum of 83% – with last set being 3+ leaving one in the tank)

Circuit 1
Kettlebell Goblet Squat on Belt Squat: 4 x 10
Hyperextensions with Bands:4 x 10
Barbell Lunges:4 x 10 each leg

Circuit 2
Side Lunges: 4 x 8 each side
One-arm Overhead Dumbbell Squats: 4 x 5 each arm
Dumbbell Power Cleans: 4 x 10
Steep Inclined Treadmill: 4 x 60 seconds


This workout shows you the way I would use this style of training to emphasize the movements I love – the snatch, clean and jerk, squat, bench, and deadlift. You can also see the way I am targeting optimal movement for my hips. As far as mobility, my hips are my only trouble spot.

Of course you can change the workout around to fit your own goals. For example, you can totally focus on the squat, bench press, deadlift, and strict press. This would allow for more frequency in those movements. Therefore you could achieve better neural efficiency in the movements that are more important to you as an individual.

There are a few more keys to living a healthy and strong life that I am applying to my life. I am trying to be active everyday with a minimum being to take a 10-minute walk. I am at the beach with my family right now. My wife Emily Drew and I totally took advantage of the public park yesterday. My workout was filled with dips, pushups, pull-ups, squats, rows, and explosive step-ups. We followed up this workout with a swim in the ocean.

It’s funny to see me transitioning to the stage of my life. I was consumed with a desire to lift the heaviest weights on the planet, which was all I cared about. It’s exciting to be entering this new world of fitness. Recently I have watched so many of my powerlifting and strongman friends die in their pursuit to be the strongest men on earth. I have four babies I want to watch grow up, and hopefully I will get to see them become parents. I want to be the most jacked grandfather on the planet – which will require me to live long enough for that to take place.

I will never be an aerobic fitness bunny hopping around in my tight outfit encouraging people to jump around with me, but I can get in better shape. I can encourage others to do the same. When I think about it, it’s a bit more fulfilling to inspire others to live longer and more healthy lives versus inspiring them to lift the most weight on the planet. With a little thought into the program, we can have both. Let’s lift some heavy weights and get fit. Coach Dan John has been preaching this for years. I want to see my athletes living long lives – heck, Morgan McCullough is my godson. I sure don’t want to see him dying early.

Yes, I want to pass the torch of strength to my children and my athletes. However, I want to pass the torch of health and fitness as well to my children and my incredible athletes. It seems way more fulfilling to coach balance rather than coaching absolute strength. As this workout evolves, I will pass it on to all of you more and more.

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Live with Coach Joe Kenn – The Barbell Life 265

I’m privileged to live very close to my good friend Coach Joe Kenn – and I love talking with him every time his schedule allows.

He’s an absolute giant in the strength and conditioning world, and every time we get together I could talk to him for hours.

So we thought we’d do something different and have a live podcast while we still had the chance to get together (before his football season gets geared back up). Coach Kenn gives so much amazing value in this podcast about all aspects of training – and particularly the lessons he’s learned training his sons. I guarantee this is one you’ll love to listen to.


Proceeds Support Our Non-Profit Weightlifting Team

These samplers of programs cover weightlifting, powerlifting, functional fitness, athletic performance, and more. With all these programs at your hands, coaches can handle any athlete who comes their way - and athletes can explore a variety of approaches.


  • Being a dad – and not being a coach
  • Tests to determine push/pull balance
  • Why cheerleaders and gymnasts make amazing lifters
  • His approach to verbal training cues
  • The time constraints of training seasons
  • and more…

Athletes and Entrepreneurship with Sheridan Lintz – The Barbell Life 262

Sometimes it takes an “athletic identity crisis” to show us who wee truly are.

And that’s exactly what happened with Sheridan Lintz. After a trek through Nepal, her knees were in crippling pain.

It made her question who she was as a lifter. And it let to her digging deep and finding out what really matters in life.

Now she takes those skills and works with an organization training the next generation of entrepreneurs. As you know, that’s something we’re excited about because we want to help our young men and women reach their dreams.



* Special Facebook Group Access to the Team

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  • Why athletes make the best entrepreneurs
  • Out-squatting her older brother when she was 11 years old
  • Her “athletic identity crisis” in Nepal
  • The difference between good coaches and bad coaches in her past
  • How you can work now to set yourself up for entrepreneurial success later
  • and more…

Why Jamaica Rules the World of Sprinting

I returned last night from one of the most incredible trips of my entire life.

Phil, the CEO of Stronger Experts, and I have been talking about a trip to Jamaica from the very moment I joined the platform. For all of you who don’t know what Stronger Experts is, I will give you a brief explanation. Phil gathered some of the world’s top experts in the areas of weightlifting, powerlifting, strength and conditioning, speed training, nutrition, injury prevention, and rehab. The platform is a one-stop shop for young and aspiring coaches to learn from the best in the business.



One of the coaches on the platform is Coach Jae Edwards. Jae is a big part of the reason why I joined this platform. He works with some of the top sprinters in Jamaica – including Yohan Blake. I’ve been fascinated by the Jamaican sprinters for quite some time now. I have been dying to understand their training and their mindset. Phil gave all of us that chance.

I was able to arrange for Doug Larson and Anders Varner, my friends from Barbell Shrugged, to come along to document the journey. This guaranteed we would come away with some moments that would encourage and inspire all of you. It also allowed me to co-host one of the most amazing podcasts of my life with Yohan Blake, which brings me to the point of this story.

No Other Option

Yohan explained to us life growing up on the island. Yes, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. However, life on the island for the locals can be one of the hardest existences in the world. Yohan grew up in a one-room house with seven siblings and his parents. Food was hard to come by, which made athletic endeavors much harder for him than the athletes here in the United States.

He didn’t even start out as a sprinter. When he was 16 years old, he was playing cricket and decided to try his hand at sprinting. Luckily he was really good right out of the gate. It’s actually hard to imagine how good he would be if he had started earlier like most of the children in Jamaica – talking to the other track coaches, they start them between four to six years old.

Once Yohan realized he had a gift, he knew he had found a way to change the lives of his entire family. He worked harder than everyone else on the island, to the point Usain Bolt gave him the nickname Beast. He still trains with the same tenacity, and is currently the world’s fastest man after winning the world championships. Yohan also holds the second-fastest time ever recorded for the 100-meter dash – 9.69 seconds. After talking to him over the last few days, there is no way I would vote against him. If you want to hear the entire story, just wait for the episode of Barbell Shrugged to drop.

Here’s my point in telling you this story. Yohan approached sprinting with no other alternative. There was no fall-back plan and no other options. Back at home there was only a one-room house and several disappointed family members awaiting him if he failed. He told us about praying multiple times God would grant him speed. He told us about his mother telling him he was their only hope.

As an athlete growing up in America, I can’t imagine having that kind of pressure on me. He felt the weight of the entire world on his shoulders, and he didn’t let the weight crush him. It’s that pressure that made him unbeatable. Yes they have good coaching in Jamaica, but so do we in America. It’s the fact they don’t have any other option that drives them to succeed at such high levels.

The problem with options

In America, our athletes have so many options. If their sport doesn’t work out, then they will go on with their lives. Heck, most of them realize they will be more financially stable when their sport is over. That really makes it tough for them when training gets hard, and training gets hard for everyone no matter the sport. ‘Options’ are the very reason why athletes fail more often than not in America. Let me explain a little more.

Every year, I have an athlete who reaches out to me about wanting to be an Olympian. I often wonder how they get to that goal. I mean did they watch some old Cal Strength videos, or did they stumble upon some old videos of Pyrros Dimas? Who knows? Yet here they are reaching out to me, saying the exact same things as so many before them. It used to be, if they had a little bit of talent, I would get all excited and have them visit the gym. After my trip to Jamaica, I have a new plan for all the people who reach out to me.

Now I am going to rant a bit, so get ready. Athletes tell me all the time they are willing to do anything to become the best, but their actions don’t match their mouths. Don’t tell me you want to be the best, and then proceed to go out drinking and partying every week. You’re lying to me and to yourself. Don’t tell me you will do whatever it takes, and then quit when training gets hard. If you really want to be the best, keep reading.

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What it takes

If you really want to be one of the best athletes in the world, you are going to have to give up all partying. You are going to have to take responsibility for your own nutrition. You are going to need ten hours of sleep every night. Recovery is your responsibility. You will need to find the best chiropractor, physical therapist, and massage therapist. You will need to buy Marc Pro for the inflammation. If you aren’t getting something in practice, you will need to do whatever it takes to understand the deficiency. Maybe you need some extra practice. Maybe you need two-a-days until you get it. Maybe you need to do a little extra homework.

You will need to practice harder and smarter than every other person on this planet. Things are going to get hard, really hard. That’s a promise. You are going to regress at times. You are going to plateau at times. Some of that is a planned response by your coach, and some is a dark place where all athletes will venture. It’s in the darkness where you will experience pain and sadness. Your body will hurt like you are a 50-year-old crippled person. You will get depressed. You will think it’s never going to happen. All of these things I promise are going to happen.

It’s in this darkness you will come face to face with the true you. This can be the loneliest place in the world because you are going to be faced with questions some of you don’t really want to answer:

  • Am I really good enough to be at the top of my chosen sport?
  • Am I really willing to do what it takes to make it in my chosen sport?
  • Is my sport worth pushing through this terrible pain?
  • Am I tough enough to push through this plateau?

Making that decision

For some of you, it’s simply a reality check. You might not be cut out to be the best, and that’s okay. Some of you will learn to simply enjoy the sport. However, for all of you who really have what it takes, you will be faced with the hardest decision of your life. If you quit now, you will probably quit when things get tough for the rest of your life. Nothing great in life ever comes easy, and that’s why athletes who make it to the very top are so darn special. They are special in the same way amazing entrepreneurs are special or incredible inventors.

The rest of this article is especially to the athletes who are about to reach out to me in the future. I want you to contemplate this article and the question above. I know it seems sexy when you see my athletes wearing Team USA on their chests. I know it seems cool traveling around the world lifting weights against the best athletes in the world. However that’s less than 1% of what really goes on. Are you ready for the work that’s really required? Are you willing to stay at home while others go out partying? Are you willing to take control of your nutrition and recovery?

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Here’s the thing. I am no longer willing to coach someone who isn’t willing to match their action with their goals and talents. I have too many great athletes who are willing to put in the work and time. I don’t have the time for trouble cases who aren’t willing to accept the help and coaching. The Jamaicans are willing to do whatever it takes. Are you? I mean are you really?

Yohan Blake didn’t have a choice. That makes it a bit easier to stay focused. For the rest of us who have choices, we must be disciplined. You have to want to succeed more than anything else in the entire world. If there is something else you would rather be doing, then go do that and forget about sport.

I know this article isn’t my normal science based ‘how to’ article, but it’s the truth all of you need to hear. Don’t tell me you were already thinking like this because I watch too many of you come and go. Be honest with yourself! It’s okay to play a sport for fun. However, when you tell a coach like me you want to be the best in the world, then I expect the best work ethic and discipline in the world. If I don’t get just that, you can find another coach.