The Importance of Physical Fitness for Our Youth with Gabriel Villarreal – The Barbell Life 402

This week on The Barbell Life Podcast, we talked to one of our former guests, Gabriel Villarreal, about the importance of physical fitness on our youth’s overall mental and physical well-being.

Tune in as we discuss:

  • His groundbreaking pairing of Exercise and Counseling
  • He will discuss what a session looks like
  • We talk about the importance of sleep
  • He gives some great ideas for improving the sleep of youth and adults
  • He will provide you with some must-add supplements
  • What’s essential during exercises for learning
  • How can exercise counter ADHD and Depression
  • What’s essential in exercise for mental health: cardiovascular training or strength training?
  • So much more!

This one is groundbreaking, so that I wouldn’t miss it!

Want to learn how to train youth athletes? Check out our Youth Development Program to learn how!

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