When Life Throws a Curve, #GridStyle with Sample Programming

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When Life Throws a Curve, #GridStyle


Last week, I told you all about the sad news that the Carolina Crush Grid Team was not going to happen for 2015. After a few days of reflection and prayer, I decided to shift my goals. I am still planning on making a run at the Grid, but I am going to wait until 2016. I am going to focus on getting strong, increasing my cardiovascular conditioning, and perfecting my gymnastics.

I have set my sights on posting a massive superman total, which is a combined Olympic weightlifting and Powerlifting Total. My goal is to Snatch as close to 137k/300lb as possible, Clean & Jerk 170k/374lb, Squat 700+, Bench Press 400+, and Deadlift 750+. I am well on my way to all of these numbers, and with clear vision and focused training I don’t see a reason to not hit all of these.

Here is what my training looks like right now:

Day 1
Hang Power Clean 3RM, then -10% for 3
Bench Press 8RM, then -5&-10% for 8
Standing Press 5RM, then -5&-10% for 5
Pullups 5-8 x 3
Bro Session

Day 2
Hang Power Snatch 3RM, then -10% for 3
Squat First Rep Only Paused 3 sec 5RM, then -5&-10% for 5
Deadlift Paused 3 sec at knee 1st rep only 3RM, then -5&-10% for 3
GHDs ss Lunges 8 reps x 3
BB Hip Ups 10 reps x 3

Day 3
Front Squat Paused 5 Sec 1RM, then -20% for 3×3 not paused
2 Board Bench Closegrip 3RM
Closegrip Bench to Chest 5RM, then -10% for 5
Push Press 5RM, then -5&-10% for 5
Rows 10 reps x 3
Bro Session

Day 4
Snatch Max
Clean & Jerk Max
Unilateral Farmer’s Walk w Fat Grip 25m per hand x 3 ea
KB Upright Rows 10 ea hand x 3
Waiter’s Squat DB Fat Grip 10 ea hand x 3
Bro Session

Day 5
Jerk 1RM Paused in Dip & Catch, then -20% for 3
Squat First Rep Only Paused 5 sec 3RM, then -5&-10% for 3
Deadlift off Blocks Bar at Knee 5RM, then -5&-10% for 5
OH Carries 50m x 3
Bilateral Farmer’s Carry 50m x 3

Bro Session is just a funny name for practice my gymnastics. I just wanted to show you guys a way to handle life when it throws you a curve. I recommend just letting the water take you in the direction that it intended all along. To many times, we try swimming against the current. Life can be super hard, but with a little thought and prayer a light can be shed on the perfect direction.

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