Chasing Dreams and Movie Roles with Gunnar Anderson – The Barbell Life 350

We’ve talked before about Gunnar Anderson’s inspiring story.

He was one of my early athletes – we go way back.

Born with only one pec, he defied any constraints and ended up pursuing bodybuilding. And I’m telling you – he got pretty strong and jacked.

But that story is nothing compared to how he’s continued to chase his dreams even when people told him it wasn’t possible.

He moved to Atlanta and then to Los Angeles to be an actor. He took risks. He had his trials. He had his successes.

Recently I got to see him in one of Netflix’s #1 new movies.

Needless to say, I’m proud. And you’re getting ready to be inspired with this podcast!

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  • Being in a #1 Netflix movie?
  • Born with only one pec but still getting strong and jacked
  • How much do actors really get paid?
  • Moving to a disgusting apartment in L.A. – and then hitting it big quickly.
  • How a backyard Batman film almost got him arrested
  • and more…

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