The New Mash Mafia Bulgarian-ish Program

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The New Mash Mafia Bulgarian-ish Program


Below is an example week of the latest program that I am using with my onsite athletes. It is working like a charm for the entire team. Now this is a program that needs a coach, or it needs an athlete with a brain that allows them to auto-regulate. Personally I am terrible at auto-regulating, so I would need a coach for this one.

I have included a section that will tell you how many misses that are allowed. You will see that none are allowed during the first week. In a lot of Bulgarian programs, I watch athletes miss way too much. You will teach yourself to either make a majority of lifts, or you will do quite the opposite. I would rather see someone that had a minimum of 75k with a max of 80k, versus an athlete with a 65k minimum and a 90k PR.

I watch so many athletes miss 90k x 3, move up to 100k and miss a couple of times, and then move up to 110k and get it. That is not productive. You couldn’t open that athlete high enough to even take a crack at a PR. The goal is to get the minimum and the maximum as close to one another as possible.

Here is the way it looks in Week 1:

Monday Misses allowed
Front Squat with 3 Second Pause Max, then -20 for 3 NP 0
Power Snatch Max 0
Power Clean Max 0
RDLs 3x8reps

Snatch Pull to Snatch to Hang Snatch Max, 85% x 2 sets 0
Clean, Front Squat, and 2 Jerks Max, 85% x 2 sets 0
Back Squat with 3 Second Pause Max, then -20 for 3 NP 0
Bent over Rows 10RM, then -5&-10% for 10
Lower Bro Session

OH Squats Paused 3 Seconds in Bottom Max, then -20% for 3×3 0
Push Press 5RM, then -5&-10% for 5 0
Snatch Deadlifts Paused 3 sec at knee and 4 sec eccentric 5RM, then -5&-10% for 5 0
Pull-ups/5-8 ss KB Upright Rows/10 x 4 sets
GHDs 3×8 Reps
Upper Bro Session

Snatch Pull to Snatch to OH Squat x 2 Max, then 85% x 2 sets 0
Clean Pull to Clean to 3 Front Squats Max, then 85% x 2 sets 0
Front Squat 3RM, then -5&-10% for 3 0
OH Carries KB Unilaterally 50m ea hand x 4

Jerk from Rack Paused 2 sec in dip and 2 sec in catch Max, then 85% x 2 sets 0
Bench Press 5RM, then -5&-10% for 5 0
Snatch Push Press 5RM, then -5&-10% for 5 0
Unilateral RDLs 8 reps ea leg x 3 sets
Bro Session Core

Snatch from Blocks Max triple, then -10% for 3×2 0
Clean & Jerk from Blocks Max 3+1, -10% for 3+1 x 2 0
Back Squats 5RM, then -5&-10% for 5 0
Clean Deadlifts Paused 2 sec at knee and 4 sec eccentric 5RM, then -5&-10% for 5 0

Here are the goals for the first few weeks:

• Increased squat volume to increase leg strength
• Complexes and High Volume for the Snatch and Clean & Jerk to force adaptation. Basically I want to strengthen the athletes in all of the positions required of the lifts.
• Lots of accessory strength work to build a strong base. I believe in complete stabilization to anchor those positions.
• The Pauses in the squats are meant to keep total intensity down, maximum effort up, and stabilize the joints. Keeping the total weight used down a little allows the athlete to recover a little faster.
• Bro Sessions are just a funny name for muscular imbalance work. If an athlete has a weakness, this is where they fix the weakness.
• I also like unilateral work especially in the lower body. It’s healthy for the hips to move independently of each other.

During this phase of training, I watched my athletes increase their minimums, increase their leg strength, and some have even set PRs. Each week, I made slight changes, which really keeps the athlete excited. Making the workout fun is the key to getting athlete’s buy-in. Percentages are good, but athletes get tired of the boring tempo. All athletes love going heavy. I keep the weight lighter by programming complexes and limiting the misses.

Next week, I will release a full workout for you guys to try. I love putting out these workouts for you guys to try. If you know someone who would benefit from the programs, have them sign up for the Newsletter.

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