Structural Imbalance Correction Begins


Today I started on a path to correct some weaknesses that I have developed over the last several years. My man Zach Greenwald tested me on several items over the last few weeks. He then compared the findings looking for structural weaknesses. The biggest issues that he found were:

1. Overhead stability is terrible from fracturing my cervical spine in 2007 especially my left arm.
2. My hips are weak, asymmetrical, and tight, and the wider my stance, the worse.
3. My relative strength is weak especially in the pulling aspect.

Here is my workout with the new corrective exercises:

Week 2
Day 1
Back Squat 5RM, then -10% for 5
Deadlift Paused 2 sec at Knee 3RM, then -10% for 3 not paused
GHRs ss Lunges 8 reps of each x 3 sets
Leg Curls ss Abdominal Work

Row 1200m Row

Day 2
Bench Press Max Effort Work Sling Shot 2RM
Bench Press Close grip Bench 5RM, then -5&-10% for 5
Medium Grip BH Neck Push Press 5RM, then -10% for 5
Pull-ups 15 Total Reps
Dips 15 Total Reps
Bro Session

Family Walk

Day 3
Clean 3RM, then -5&-10% for 3
Front Squat 4 sec pause in bottom 1RM
1 set of Max Pull-ups

Muscular Imbalance Work
A. Axle Overhead Carry 70#-Max 10 Minutes

B. 1-arm DB High Pull 35#-Max 6 Minutes/side

Day 4
Squat 2 sec pause 3RM, then -10% for 3
Deadlift Sumo 5RM, then -10% for 5
Leg Curls & Abdominal Work

Structural Imbalance:
C. Sumo Good Morning 80#-Max 8 Minutes (feet as wide as you can go)

D. 1-arm Waiter’s Squat 40#-Max 6 Minutes/side *Have Becca judge depth. If you are not getting below parallel, go as low as you can on heels then and then come onto toes; shoeless + FAT GRIP.

Met Con Work
10-15 minute

Day 5
Snatch 3RM, then -5&-10% for 3
Front Squat 4 Sec pause in bottom 2RM

Muscular Imbalance Work
A. 1-arm Suitcase Deadlift 80#-Max 8 Minutes/side (stand on 12″ box with FC bar)

C. 1-arm Overhead Squat 10#-Max 6 Minutes/side *Have Becca judge depth. If you are not getting below parallel, go as low as you can and then come onto toes;shoeless.

Day 6
Bench 10RM, then -10% for 10
Standing Press 5RM, then -5&-10% for 5
B. BTN Press 95#-Max 10 Minutes Part of the Structural Imbalance
Pull-ups 15 Total Reps
DB Triceps Ext ss Pushdowns 6 reps ss 10 reps x 6 set ea
Fat Bar Curls 10 reps x 3 sets

Met Con
10 minutes

Day 7
Muscular Imbalance Work

A. 1-arm Farmer’s Carry 70#-Max 8 Minutes/side

B. Supinated Chin Up 230# (BW)-Max 5 Minutes **though its written as Chin-up, the goal is Chest to Bar (report if chest hits on any reps)

C. 1-arm DB Press 35#-Max 6 Minutes/side

Cardio Row 1700m

Zach emailed me the workout in a google doc, and now my job is to fit it in to my workout. The way that we are going to do our online program is to integrate each person’s strength work along with the structural imbalance work. A lot of the times, the structural work is the strength work. The only difference is that most athletes have to be specific are certain movements.

I am definitely going to prioritize the movements because this is something that I have needed to do for a long time. Charles Poliquin was doing this back in the 90s, but his design wasn’t as quantifiable. I absolutely love the fact that my improvement is measured and exact.

The way the plan works is each exercise is performed for either max reps or distance in a certain amount of time. The athlete will test their range of motion with a toe touch to begin the session. When the athlete fills stressed during an exercise, they will take a break and check their range of motion. If their ROM is shortened, then the body is in a stressed state and needs time to recover. Once the ROM returns, the athlete can continue the exercise. The athlete will progress the movements in one of several ways:

1. Increased total reps
2. Increased distance
3. Increased intensity
4. Increased reps or distance before taking a break

My goals are pretty simple:
1. Strengthen by left arm
2. Increase the mobility and stability in my hips
3. Limit my asymmetries

The way I see it is that I have about four more years at best to do big things in strength sports. I am going to master every mundane element at my disposal. I am just blessed to have a great team around me. The other major benefit in using all of these new techniques on my own body is that I am learning all about it for my athletes. I have always tried anything new on my own body to make sure that it’s safe and beneficial.

Here is a video of my latest Vlog, and some of the exercises that I have been prescribed:

Mash Jacked Vlog #4

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