My Rehab Workout, Easter Thoughts, and a Final Recap of Last Week

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More Workouts and Easter Thoughts

I started back training last Monday with a 143kg/315lb Back Squat that felt terrible. Then I squatted 182kg/400lb on Wednesday, and finally I hit 210kg/462lb on Friday. That was the fastest that I have ever progressed. I think there is a reason.

All of these injuries have lit a new fire. It’s one thing to be lazy and choose not to train. It’s a whole other thing to not have a choice because of injury. All of a sudden you learn to appreciate the ability to train. For the first time in a while I have a desire to train hard. I want to see exactly where I can take things.

I want to see how strong that I can get, while keeping family, God, team, and my business as a priority. I want to show people that you can be balanced, and still be a champion. I hate when people say that you have to be selfish to be a great athlete. Says who? And why do they say that? That’s a cop out in my opinion. That’s the easy way, and in my opinion that’s a pointless existence.

What’s the point in being a champion if you can’t maintain the relationships in your life? What if you win the Olympics, and you have no loved ones in your corner? I mean who cares about anything without love in your life? Winning isn’t worth it. I can say that from experience.

Personally I want to inspire the people around me. I want my children to see me living a balanced life. I want to train hard and compete well while loving my family and friends. It can be done.

Friday 4/14/17

Back Squats worked up to 210kg/462lb x 1
DB Flies 3 x 10
Plate Front Raises 3 x 10

Saturday 4/15/17

Deadlifts Warmed up to 315lbx3 sumo, and then worked up to 425lb 2×1. I had to stop because I felt a pulling on my triceps. I am a few weeks away from starting the rehab process.

Belt Squat RDLs with Kettlebells- if you don’t have a belt squat machine. I highly recommend the investment. I love the emphasis that it puts on hip extension. I also love traction on the low back. I performed 3 x 8 reps.

Lunges 3 x 10

Last week was just a time to get things moving. Here is my plan for next week:
Back Squats Hypertrophy 3 x (80% for 3 and 60% for 10)
Lunge ss Leg Curls 3 x 10ea ss 10
DB Flies ss DB Flies 3 x 10 ss 10
Pec Deck ss Pullovers 3 x 10 ss 10

Box Squats 75% 5×5
Deadlifts Alt Stance 5RM with 5 sec eccentric
No Weaknesses TBD

Back Squats Max Effort 1-3RM paused or not paused and with or without chains or bands
DB Flies 5 x 10
Pullover ss Rows 3 x 10 ss 10

Deadlifts 1-3RM paused or not paused and with or without chains or bands
RDLs on the Belt Squat 5 x 8
No Weaknesses TBD

The no weaknesses training will be decided by Coach Chris Mason, and it will consist of a combination of carries, mobility, and metabolic work. Each week I will let you guys look at what’s coming up the next week. It will change as I progress, and of course as I am allowed to rehab my triceps tendon. As my work capacity goes up, so will my volume until I am at a solid volume level. Then I will develop a plan that is more aggressive. Right now my goals are hypertrophy, movement, and work capacity. I am ready to turn things up.

Here are my final thoughts on this Easter Sunday. If you’re a Christian, then you realize that Christ died on the cross and three days later walked out of the tomb. He defeated death that day for all that would believe. The next time that you get stressed out about anything I want you to think about that. What are you stressing about? Did you gain 3lb in this temporal life? Did your bench press or clean & jerk plateau for 3-weeks? If you are a believer, none of this really matters at all.

You might ask, “So why do anything at all?” For me it’s to inspire and encourage. If I can lift big weights and encourage someone else to do something cool, that’s exciting. If someone sees me lifting big weights, passionately coaching by team, loving my family, and loving God all at the same time, maybe it will encourage them to do the same. Maybe it’s someone that doesn’t believe that sees a Christian practicing what they preach. No matter it’s all worth it if I am helping someone else on this earth.

Love you guys and Happy Easter!

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