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My Rehab Workout, Easter Thoughts, and a Final Recap of Last Week

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More Workouts and Easter Thoughts

I started back training last Monday with a 143kg/315lb Back Squat that felt terrible. Then I squatted 182kg/400lb on Wednesday, and finally I hit 210kg/462lb on Friday. That was the fastest that I have ever progressed. I think there is a reason.

All of these injuries have lit a new fire. It’s one thing to be lazy and choose not to train. It’s a whole other thing to not have a choice because of injury. All of a sudden you learn to appreciate the ability to train. For the first time in a while I have a desire to train hard. I want to see exactly where I can take things.

I want to see how strong that I can get, while keeping family, God, team, and my business as a priority. I want to show people that you can be balanced, and still be a champion. I hate when people say that you have to be selfish to be a great athlete. Says who? And why do they say that? That’s a cop out in my opinion. That’s the easy way, and in my opinion that’s a pointless existence.

What’s the point in being a champion if you can’t maintain the relationships in your life? What if you win the Olympics, and you have no loved ones in your corner? I mean who cares about anything without love in your life? Winning isn’t worth it. I can say that from experience.

Personally I want to inspire the people around me. I want my children to see me living a balanced life. I want to train hard and compete well while loving my family and friends. It can be done.

Friday 4/14/17

Back Squats worked up to 210kg/462lb x 1
DB Flies 3 x 10
Plate Front Raises 3 x 10

Saturday 4/15/17

Deadlifts Warmed up to 315lbx3 sumo, and then worked up to 425lb 2×1. I had to stop because I felt a pulling on my triceps. I am a few weeks away from starting the rehab process.

Belt Squat RDLs with Kettlebells- if you don’t have a belt squat machine. I highly recommend the investment. I love the emphasis that it puts on hip extension. I also love traction on the low back. I performed 3 x 8 reps.

Lunges 3 x 10

Last week was just a time to get things moving. Here is my plan for next week:
Back Squats Hypertrophy 3 x (80% for 3 and 60% for 10)
Lunge ss Leg Curls 3 x 10ea ss 10
DB Flies ss DB Flies 3 x 10 ss 10
Pec Deck ss Pullovers 3 x 10 ss 10

Box Squats 75% 5×5
Deadlifts Alt Stance 5RM with 5 sec eccentric
No Weaknesses TBD

Back Squats Max Effort 1-3RM paused or not paused and with or without chains or bands
DB Flies 5 x 10
Pullover ss Rows 3 x 10 ss 10

Deadlifts 1-3RM paused or not paused and with or without chains or bands
RDLs on the Belt Squat 5 x 8
No Weaknesses TBD

The no weaknesses training will be decided by Coach Chris Mason, and it will consist of a combination of carries, mobility, and metabolic work. Each week I will let you guys look at what’s coming up the next week. It will change as I progress, and of course as I am allowed to rehab my triceps tendon. As my work capacity goes up, so will my volume until I am at a solid volume level. Then I will develop a plan that is more aggressive. Right now my goals are hypertrophy, movement, and work capacity. I am ready to turn things up.

Here are my final thoughts on this Easter Sunday. If you’re a Christian, then you realize that Christ died on the cross and three days later walked out of the tomb. He defeated death that day for all that would believe. The next time that you get stressed out about anything I want you to think about that. What are you stressing about? Did you gain 3lb in this temporal life? Did your bench press or clean & jerk plateau for 3-weeks? If you are a believer, none of this really matters at all.

You might ask, “So why do anything at all?” For me it’s to inspire and encourage. If I can lift big weights and encourage someone else to do something cool, that’s exciting. If someone sees me lifting big weights, passionately coaching by team, loving my family, and loving God all at the same time, maybe it will encourage them to do the same. Maybe it’s someone that doesn’t believe that sees a Christian practicing what they preach. No matter it’s all worth it if I am helping someone else on this earth.

Love you guys and Happy Easter!

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Working Out Again and Update

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Working Out Again and Update

Man this has been a crazy year. By January I was well on my way to getting in the best shape of my life, and then tragedy struck. I tore my right triceps tendon performing a routine Power Snatch. There were definite warning signs that I ignored like major pain in my elbow. Lesson learned!

Then I was getting ready to start the rehab process, and then I fell down the stairs late one night. I tore the same tendon again. Now two surgeries later, I am working out again. This week has looked like this:

Monday 4/10/17
Back Squat worked up to 143kg/315lb x1
Leg Extension 4 x 12
DB Lateral Raises 3×10
DB Flies 3×10
Pec Deck 3 x 10

Wednesday 4/12
Back Squat 182kb/400lb x 1, 140kg/308lb x 3
Goodmornings Wide Stance 3×5 with 70kg/154lb
Lateral Raises 3 x 10
Plate Front Raises 3 x 10

As you can see I am trying to strengthen all the muscles around the damaged tendon. Range of Motion is the real concern. I can flex my arm to about 90 degree right now, and that’s it. I have a long ways to go to perform Cleans again.

My goal right now is to get back into descent shape in the strength department. Next week I will add some “No Weaknesses” Conditioning with Coach Ox Mason, and then I will just progress from there.

I really want to focus on four main lifts:

• Clean
• Squat
• Bench Press
• Deadlift

That is when I am rehabbed and ready to go. Here are my main goals:

• Compete at a high level in Powerlifting
• Clean 400lb
• Cut my body fat with our “Eat What You Want” Nutrition Program!
• And one athletic goal that I am not releasing yet. I need to see if I can get fast and jump high again. I will need my friend Coach William Bradley for this endeavor.

Basically I want to get strong, be athletic, lean up, and get healthy. As long as I can squat, I enjoy going into the gym. I am excited to be back. Hopefully I can stay healthy the rest of the year, and maybe along the way I can inspire some of you to reach for your own goals.

I won’t lie. These injuries have been rough mentally for me. My wife has kept me sane and grounded. She asked me multiple times, “What’s God trying to teach you?” I am still fleshing that out. I have some ideas, but I need more time to understand. I am sure that God will reveal that answer in His own perfect timing.

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A New Direction

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A New Direction

Last weekend I had the chance to train at Westside Barbell in Columbus, OH. If you truly have a passion for the barbell like I do, you owe it to yourself to at least see it once before you die. Every time I see that place, I remember why I started this journey. Just like Louie, I am fascinated with the human body.

How far can we push the limits?

Where can we take things?

These are the questions that circle in my brain on a daily basis. When you walk into Westside, you can feel those questions. You can hear the screams of athletes long gone echoing in time. You can sense the rage of the present athletes as they endlessly pursue a place for their name on the legendary record board.

My injury (ruptured triceps tendon) has given me the chance to think about the future. I have decided to focus on powerlifting and leave weightlifting alone moving forwards. It’s not to say that the two are impossible to match together. I could definitely make the time. I just honestly don’t want to make the time.

I want to balance training with family, business, and God. I can easily control the volume of the powerlifts as to avoid injury in the future. The Olympic lifts are amazing. They are beautiful and athletic. I love performing them. It’s just they are fast, and things can go wrong really quickly at my age. The 115k Power Snatch that ruptured my triceps tendon wasn’t heavy. It was just fast and powerful.

The other end is that I want to compete in powerlifting at as high a level as possible. I am taking a three-year approach to this comeback. I am not trying to set world records quite yet, but I still think that I can push some numbers. I am also going to continue the conditioning that I started before the injury with Coach Ox Mason.

Yesterday was a pretty good start:

Mash Method High Bar Back Squats 405lb x 1, 315lb x 5, 425lb x 1, 335lb x 5, 455lb x1, 365lb x 5
Wide Goodmornings- 135lb 3 x 5
30-minutes of lower mobility

I plan on focusing on the wide goodmornings for quite sometime. Goodmornings were the very exercise that pushed my squat from 600lb to 700lb when I was a junior lifter. The key is a slow approach. Strengthening the back is definitely a marathon and not a sprint. However done properly, you can build a bulletproof back.

I will be honest. This injury has really been hard to swallow. It has been a mental battle especially at my age. I had worked so hard to get back into share, and then boom I am hurt. It’s a silly thing really. It’s just an injury. This is a minimal thing to deal with in life compared to most people. If anything, it put things in perspective. I would like to compete, but not at the expense of my family, business, and especially my relationship with Christ.

Anyways I am back in the saddle. I am ready to finish the ride.

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“Feels Good to be Back” Coach Mash’s Training Log 2/18/17

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Feels Good to be Back

I am going to be honest with all of you right now. This triceps recovery has been a lot tougher mentally than I thought it would be. After almost a year of barely training, I had just got back into shape. I was dreaming about competing, and feeling like myself again. Then out of the blue, bam no more triceps.

At 43-years-old it just shines light on the fact that I am getting old. I don’t know how many years that I have left to lift heavy. That’s scary to me. I have lifted heavy my entire life. It has been a major part of my identity. Sometimes it is like I don’t even know who I am anymore.

I am sure that this is God’s way of showing me that my identity should be in Him. I get that, but it’s still hard for the human side to let go. I love lifting big weights. It makes me feel young to lift heavy. It’s exciting to be able to lift heavier than most of my young athletes. I say most since I coach Nathan Damron and Evan Rutledge. I don’t see me backing off from heavy weights, but I am going to redefine things a bit. I definitely want a mix of:

• Strength
• Mobility
• Conditioning
• Muscular balance
• Relative strength

Saturday was the first real workout that I have had in weeks. My main focus was back squat. The first challenge was figuring out how to hold the weight. My right elbow is patched with several staples, so I have to make sure that I don’t put a lot of pressure on the injury. I just put my hands out on the collars and held the bar with my traps mainly.

Here was the workout:

180k x 1
150k x 5
200k x 1
160k x 5
210k/462lb x 1
170k/374lb x 5

Things felt surprisingly good. I felt a little clumsy, but I figured it out by the last couple of sets. I can’t tell you how good it felt to squat. This injury has really made me appreciate every moment in the gym. I was shown how quickly that it can all be taken from me, so I am going to love every second that God gives me.

I finished out with some:

Belt Squat Goodmornings
Left arm DB Clean & Presses

I kept it pretty simple, but I will start ramping things up next week. I get my staples out Tuesday, and then in about another month, I can start working towards recovery. It’s going to be a process, but I hope to really pinpoint my future goals during this process.

Trials in life are simply a part of the process. I have always learned more from the trials than I ever have from the successes. That doesn’t mean that the trials are fun. They are not. Trials are painful. They hurt. You gotta keep your head down and eyes up. You have to remember that it is just a season. The key is to allow the trial to do its job. If you are wise, you will let the trial grow you as a human. You should come out the other end wiser than you were going into the trial. I am going to try and do just that.

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Coach Mash’s Recovery Starts

My latest E-Book “Mash Method” is live and it’s FREE! Check it out now at:
This book has several of the techniques that I used to set personal records and world records along with some of my latest techniques that I’m using to get my athletes and me hitting all-time numbers.
-wave training
-bands and chains contrasted with straight weight
-walk outs
-partials contrasted with full ROM
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Let the Recovering Begin

For all of you that don’t know, last week I underwent a surgery to repair a ruptured triceps tendon on my right arm. It was just a freak thing that happened when I was snatching. There were signs that I ignored like a super achy right elbow. Here is my advice. If you are having chronic pain, there is a reason. I would simply get it checked out. Getting it check out could easily prevent 4-6 months of recovery.

Coach Ox Mason, my longtime friend and training partner, pointed out that he believes the whole thing was caused from my right side constantly compensating for the weaker left side. In 2007 I sustained a fracture in my cervical spine. The injury caused a weakness in my left arm. This weakness has caused me to spin to the right on snatches, cleans, and jerks to compensate. My right arm tries to take most of the load on all presses as well. It’s even hard for my scapula to stay tucked in the right position when weight is overhead.

As you can see, I was compensating in a lot of different ways leaving my right arm susceptible to this injury. A little more patience with the muscular balance work towards my left side could have prevented all of this as well. However, like you I want to get to the heavy stuff. The big six (snatch, clean, jerk, squat, bench, and deadlift) is what I love to do. However this impatient approached led to surgery and six months of rehabbing. A wiser approach could have left me doing what I love for a lot longer time without surgery.

I am telling all of you this, so you can make wise decisions for yourself. Hopefully some of you can learn from my mistakes. The only benefit to an injury is the ability to share with others. If my injury helps just one person, then it was all worth it. In my experience, my mistakes have led to better life lessons than my successes. If you are someone that is injured, I hope that you can cling to this positive.

My rehab workouts started two days after my surgery, and they consisted of range of motion work to the injured arm. Basically I curl my arm to 90 degrees, and then I let gravity straighten the arm as much as possible. I am trying to perform 3 x 10 with 3 sessions per day.

Today I am going to start working out in the gym again. Here is what my workouts are going to look like:

Day 1
SS Bar Max Effort 5RM, then -15% for 2 x 5
SS Bar Goodmornings 3 x 8
Left arm Bench Press 3 x 10
Left Arm KB OH Carry 3 x 40 yd

Day 2
Belt Squat Deep Squats 3 x 10
Belt Squat Glute Marches 3 x 6 seconds
Left Arm Strict Press 3 x 10
Sled Drags 3 x 40 yd ea direction

Day 3
SS Bar Max Effort Mash Method (1, 5)
SS Bar Goodmornings 3 x 8
Left Arm KB upright Row 3 x 10
Left Arm Farmers Walk 3 x 40 yd

The goal is to take advantage of this time to get the left arm stronger in all directions. The secondary goal is to keep my legs strong. I will also be adding in some Yoga in about a week along with some aerodyne sprint and distance work. I will stick with this style of workout until I am allowed to start loading the right arm.

The key to mentally surviving this moment in time is focusing on the positives:

• A chance to address my left arm weaknesses
• A chance to influence and encourage others
• A chance to be an example of perseverance for my family, team, and friends

I have already experienced moments of sadness, and I am sure that there will be some more. However my faith in God and my willingness to reflect back on the positives will sustain me through this time. Here’s the thing. It’s just a triceps tendon. It’s not cancer. There are people out there going through much worse than me.

I am excited to get back on the horse today, and at least feel some weight on my body. I think that when I come out of this, I will develop a different mindset towards training. Don’t worry I will never be the old man lifting light weights, but I will definitely take a slightly different approach. I will take a more balanced approach like:

• Focus my training on squat, bench, front squat, deadlift, and press
• Olympic lifts will be done once per week each with a focus on technique and movement.
• Yoga will find its way in there somewhere.
• Ox Mason Conditioning
• No Weaknesses Accessory work

I want to be able to train until the day that I die. I also want to be able to move well, so that I can play with my children as they grow up. I am actually excited to see what I come up with. I believe that God allows things to happen to us to either teach us a lesson or show us a new path. In my case I think that it’s a little of both. I guess time will tell.

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-bands and chains contrasted with straight weight
-walk outs
-partials contrasted with full ROM
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Training and a Ruptured Tendon

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Training and a Ruptured Tendon

So last week while Snatching 115k/253lb, I ruptured a tricep tendon on my right arm. I knew that it was pretty bad when it happened because I thought that I had dislocated my elbow. I am assuming that the last several years of compensating for my left arm led to some major overuse in the right arm.

I am going to be real with all of you right now. I was pretty sad when I heard the news. It’s hard enough coming back from something like this when you are young. It’s really hard at 43-years-old. Most of you know that I barely trained last year as I was growing this team. I started training again around December of last year, and I crawled my way out of the hole that I had dug.

I was hitting some major markers that let me know that it was just about time to turn things up a bit. I had found a great flow to training that was getting me strong, conditioned, and mobile. Now here I am hurt again.

Ok before I have too big of a pity party, this is the first major injury since 2007. That’s not too bad. 10 years injury free is pretty good especially when you train like me. Still I am facing a 4-6 month lay off of upper body, and my ego hates that.

So what am I going to do? That’s the question. I am going to do my best to show you guys how to come back stronger than ever. We found out that we have a big following of 35 and older adults. That was music to my ear. One of my goals is to encourage people my age to get off the couch, get in shape, and to keep reaching for dreams. I look at this as a chance to influence and encourage my peers. Challenge taken!

Look that doesn’t mean that this road isn’t going to be bumpy. It will be, but that’s part of the process. I am going to get sad because I am human. It’s how I react at those moments that have always separated me from everyone else. I look forward to taking this journey together.

I still trained Friday January 27th at TFW Winston-Salem

Ox is always good at telling me to suck it up buttercup. He has always kept it real with me, and that’s why I love him. Too many people just tell me what I want to hear, but he tells me what I need to hear.

Safety Squat Bar Squats Mash Method-
405lb x 1
365 x 5
425lb x 1
385lb x 5
455lb x 1
405lb x 5

I followed this up with some mobility work.

Tuesday January 31st Training on the Farm with my wife

Back Squat Mash Method
455lb paused x 1
365lb x 5
485lb x 1 paused
405lb x 5
515lb paused x 1
405lb x 5

I completed more mobility work.

I am going to incorporate the Belt Squat from Westside Barbell starting next week. I am hoping that the Belt Squat along with the Safety Squat Bar will keep my quads and posterior chain strong. If so, the rest will come back fast. I will try to shoot some videos of my workouts to keep you guys informed. Stand By!

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Mash Mafia Equipment

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