Training and a Ruptured Tendon

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Training and a Ruptured Tendon

So last week while Snatching 115k/253lb, I ruptured a tricep tendon on my right arm. I knew that it was pretty bad when it happened because I thought that I had dislocated my elbow. I am assuming that the last several years of compensating for my left arm led to some major overuse in the right arm.

I am going to be real with all of you right now. I was pretty sad when I heard the news. It’s hard enough coming back from something like this when you are young. It’s really hard at 43-years-old. Most of you know that I barely trained last year as I was growing this team. I started training again around December of last year, and I crawled my way out of the hole that I had dug.

I was hitting some major markers that let me know that it was just about time to turn things up a bit. I had found a great flow to training that was getting me strong, conditioned, and mobile. Now here I am hurt again.

Ok before I have too big of a pity party, this is the first major injury since 2007. That’s not too bad. 10 years injury free is pretty good especially when you train like me. Still I am facing a 4-6 month lay off of upper body, and my ego hates that.

So what am I going to do? That’s the question. I am going to do my best to show you guys how to come back stronger than ever. We found out that we have a big following of 35 and older adults. That was music to my ear. One of my goals is to encourage people my age to get off the couch, get in shape, and to keep reaching for dreams. I look at this as a chance to influence and encourage my peers. Challenge taken!

Look that doesn’t mean that this road isn’t going to be bumpy. It will be, but that’s part of the process. I am going to get sad because I am human. It’s how I react at those moments that have always separated me from everyone else. I look forward to taking this journey together.

I still trained Friday January 27th at TFW Winston-Salem

Ox is always good at telling me to suck it up buttercup. He has always kept it real with me, and that’s why I love him. Too many people just tell me what I want to hear, but he tells me what I need to hear.

Safety Squat Bar Squats Mash Method-
405lb x 1
365 x 5
425lb x 1
385lb x 5
455lb x 1
405lb x 5

I followed this up with some mobility work.

Tuesday January 31st Training on the Farm with my wife

Back Squat Mash Method
455lb paused x 1
365lb x 5
485lb x 1 paused
405lb x 5
515lb paused x 1
405lb x 5

I completed more mobility work.

I am going to incorporate the Belt Squat from Westside Barbell starting next week. I am hoping that the Belt Squat along with the Safety Squat Bar will keep my quads and posterior chain strong. If so, the rest will come back fast. I will try to shoot some videos of my workouts to keep you guys informed. Stand By!

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