Working Out Again and Update

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Working Out Again and Update

Man this has been a crazy year. By January I was well on my way to getting in the best shape of my life, and then tragedy struck. I tore my right triceps tendon performing a routine Power Snatch. There were definite warning signs that I ignored like major pain in my elbow. Lesson learned!

Then I was getting ready to start the rehab process, and then I fell down the stairs late one night. I tore the same tendon again. Now two surgeries later, I am working out again. This week has looked like this:

Monday 4/10/17
Back Squat worked up to 143kg/315lb x1
Leg Extension 4 x 12
DB Lateral Raises 3×10
DB Flies 3×10
Pec Deck 3 x 10

Wednesday 4/12
Back Squat 182kb/400lb x 1, 140kg/308lb x 3
Goodmornings Wide Stance 3×5 with 70kg/154lb
Lateral Raises 3 x 10
Plate Front Raises 3 x 10

As you can see I am trying to strengthen all the muscles around the damaged tendon. Range of Motion is the real concern. I can flex my arm to about 90 degree right now, and that’s it. I have a long ways to go to perform Cleans again.

My goal right now is to get back into descent shape in the strength department. Next week I will add some “No Weaknesses” Conditioning with Coach Ox Mason, and then I will just progress from there.

I really want to focus on four main lifts:

• Clean
• Squat
• Bench Press
• Deadlift

That is when I am rehabbed and ready to go. Here are my main goals:

• Compete at a high level in Powerlifting
• Clean 400lb
• Cut my body fat with our “Eat What You Want” Nutrition Program!
• And one athletic goal that I am not releasing yet. I need to see if I can get fast and jump high again. I will need my friend Coach William Bradley for this endeavor.

Basically I want to get strong, be athletic, lean up, and get healthy. As long as I can squat, I enjoy going into the gym. I am excited to be back. Hopefully I can stay healthy the rest of the year, and maybe along the way I can inspire some of you to reach for your own goals.

I won’t lie. These injuries have been rough mentally for me. My wife has kept me sane and grounded. She asked me multiple times, “What’s God trying to teach you?” I am still fleshing that out. I have some ideas, but I need more time to understand. I am sure that God will reveal that answer in His own perfect timing.

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