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Monday – March 13th, 2017

Week 15 Post ankle surgery.

So Saturday night I made a last minute decision to come to Florida this week. Coach Don approved, and it was supposed to be cold in the Carolinas all week, so I figured why not? This is my 1st week back on an actual program (WOOHOO!!)  I’ll be training in a crossfit gym, and pound plates are hard, so I’m just going to make sure I get all my squats in, and get in good quality reps in on my Olympic lifts. Then next week begins the 8 week grind leading up to nationals!

Oly Work

  • 1 pull + 1 clean a bunch of reps and a few waves up to 97kg
    • Stupid me misreading the program already, It was supposed to be 1 pull + 2 cleans, but, oh wells.
  • Low hang snatch up to 5×2 at 70kg
    • Doing the clean work before the snatches, actually made the snatch weigh feel really light. So, that was cool.
  • Cleans pulls 5×3+5 shrugs 111kgs

Back/core Work

  • Hyper extensions 3×10+15s 35lbs +
    • DB Row 3x10e 50lbs
  • Medball planks 5×1:00 with 1:00 rest


  • 5×10 cal sprints on the assault bike.
    • This was my 1st time on an assault bike, and I don’t think that my quads have ever hurt so bad in my life…

Bodyweight: DUNNNNO! I’m not weighing myself all week. Which is actually a bit stressful, but I diet break every once in a while is a good thing. As long as I don’t come back weighing 65kgs hahaha

9 Weeks out!


Saturday – March 12, 2017

Week 14 Post ankle surgery.

Satrudays are now for squats. I couldn’t be more happy about this!! All the volumes. I forgot how hungry squats make you, this is going to take some adjusting to hahaha.

  • Squat 80×10, 90×5, 100×3, 85×10, 95×5, 105×3, 90×10, 100×5, 110×3, 115×3, 120×3
    • This was my 1st day that coach Don allowed me to start pushing my squats a bit, I definitely underestimated my leg strength. The workout was probable a bit easier than it was supposed to be, but it’s okay because now I have plenty of room to grow. I didn’t wear knee sleeves or a belt until my last two sets of three. My goal leading up to nationals is to wear them as little as possible, only for heavy attempts and sets
  • Row 3×3:00 with 3:00 rest

That’s all for Saturday. My upper body was toast from playing handstands and handstand pushups at night after training. Totally work it though, because I ended up getting 18 strict handstand pushups, which is A LOT for me!!

Bodyweight: 61.1 kg

10 weeks out!!

Friday – March 10th, 2017

Week 14 Post ankle surgey.

Guys, I’m still jacked up from yesterday’s Max Out Friday. I forgot how much fun it is. Of course my EMOM’s at 80% turned into me getting caught up in the hype and going heavy anyways. It’s almost impossible not to, and coach Don approved. Most of the team is back, and we’re all getting ready to start our grind leading up to Nationals. These next 9 weeks are going to be killer.

Couple of highlights from Yesterday.

  • Sara Johnson with a PR clean and jerk of 117kgs and a PR clean of 120kg/264lbs! That’s a big mental barrier crushed for her. She’s strong as an ox, but is still learning how to move fast.
  • Bryan Simone with a 5kg snatch PR of 135kgs! Closing in on that big 300# mark.
  • John Stang with a PR clean and jerk of 155kgs. That’s HUGE for a 62kg weightlifter. He gets better and better each week.

A bunch of those big weights were being thrown around, but those were the three that really stuck out.

Here’s what I did.

  • Snatch – 55 2×3, 60 2×3, 65 2×1, 70 3×1, 75 2×1, 78 x1, 80 x1 and 83×1 which is 5kgs more than I’ve done since my surgery
  • Clean and jerk – 75 2×1, 80 x1, 85 x1, 90 x1, 95 x1, 100 x1, 103 x1 which is also a comeback PR
  • Kang Squats – up to 3×5 at 60kgs

A 186 total on my 1st heavy day back since surgery. I’m super stoked for this, and may have to up the goals that I set for myself at nationals. Ankle feels great and the mobility is slowly improving. Now to get these legs strong.

Bodyweight: 61.1 kg

9 weeks out. Lets GO!


Thursday – March 9th, 2017

Week 14 Post ankle surgery

So… when the coaches aren’t around, I train like a complete idiot… This is something that I need to work on. I’m competitive, and I like to go heavy, all the time. I challenged Sarah Johnson (one of our 75kg lifters) to a power jerk battle. My dumb self hasn’t power jerked in probably years, plus this is my 2nd weeks back to “full training.” Dumb. I lost, but we both ended up with PR power jerks. 🙂 In house competition can be a good and bad thing…

  • Clean + power jerk from med blocks up to 95kg, miss at 100
  • Cleans from med blocks 85 3×3, 90 x2 , 95×2 , 100 2×1
    • The cleans were really heavy and grindy, I need to get these legs back kicking. I get smushed at the bottom and it’s so frustrating. Come on ankles, get mobile!

On Thurdays, we play 🙂

  • 20 yard bear crawl fwd/bkw +
    • Row
  • Med ball Plank 4×1:00
  • Back Extensions 3×10 + 10s hold +
    • Belt Squat marches

Bodyweight : 61.1 kg

Wednesday – March 8th, 2017

Week 14 post ankle surgery

Coach Don was late to the gym today, so I warmed up forever waiting for him. I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing, but got too bored so I started snatching anyways. I did a bunch of light sets trying to see if he would show up. He finally did and I was up to doing triples at 70kgs. They felt actually really good. I’m trying to get a lot of reps in to find my technique and work on my rhythm. Seems to be paying off! They are feeling so much better already.

  • Snatch up to 3×3 70kgs
  • Back squats 3×10 70kg
  • Front Squat 3×5 70kg
    • Coach Don was being mean and made me do my squats REALLLLY light. I guess he just wanted me to get some reps in and keep my legs fresh. I then convinced him to let me do some deadlifts 🙂
  • Deadlifts 4×5 105, 3×5 125


  • Row 5 x 500 +
    • Banded Deadbugs 5x10e

Trying to get in a bit of conditioning every day. I’m working on improving my body composition, and it seems to help me a lot with recovery.

I’ve also added in a good 20-25 minutes a day of stretching, that’s not including the 20 minutes a day I spend stretching my ankles. Being an athlete takes a lot of time and dedication. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Body weight: 61.4 (oops, I been eating)


Tuesday – March 8th, 2017

14 Weeks post ankle surgery

Things are getting fun! Much to my surprise Coach Don pretty much let me basically max out today. I think he wanted to get an idea of where I’m at, so we know where we are building from. Weightlifting is so much fun man, I’m so excited to be back at it.

  • Snatch- bunch of triples and doubles up to a single at 78kg, and 2 misses at 80kg
    • Pretty happy with this, nothing felt heavy, I was just making minor technical errors that’ll get fixed these next couple of weeks. This is about 85% of my best snatch prior to my surgery. We’ve got some work to do!
  • Clean and jerk up to 100kg, no misses.
    • This was my 1st time doing full clean and jerks since surgery. So I’m pretty happy with this as well. Movements felt good, my body just isn’t used to the heavy loads. I’m excited to get these legs strong again, and see what I can do in 10 weeks!


  • SA fat Grip DB OH carries x5 45lbs
  • Bottoms up z press 5x6e 25kgs
  • Handstand walks

Nationals: 10 weeks out!

Body weight 60.9kg



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