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Monday – March 7th, 2017

Week 14 post ankle surgery

Happy to be back in NC. Training should be super fun this week!

  • Power Snatch + Snatch med blocks 10 sets from 60-70kg
    • Coaches weren’t around. They took the day off after a long weekend. My snatches felt gross and inconsistent. The weight’s didn’t feel heavy, I was just doing the movement wrong. It was hard to pinpoint exactly what without the coaches around. It’ll get there
  • Squats 4×10 80Kg, 4×5 100kg (back and forth)

Back Bro Session

  • Pull-ups 10, 8, 8, 8
  • Back Extensions 3×8+10sec hold 15kg +
    • Back Flys 3×10 5kg


  • Planks 3×1:00 15kg

That’s all. Nothing too crazy, just getting work in. Trying to build these legs back up.

Bodyweight: 60.2kg

March 2-5, 2017

13 Weeks post ankle Surgery

My 1st week back to “full” training was spent in Columbus, OH at the Arnold classic. At 1st I wasn’t too happy about this situation, but it ended up working out very well. Even though I’ve been approved for “full” training , we still have to ease me back in and slowlllly increase the intensity and volume. Which sucks, so bad, but it’s absolutely necessary.

Thursday we drove to Columbus, but I wasn’t about to miss a day of training during my 1st week back, so AS SOON as we got there, I found Coach Don, and let me do a fun a little snatch complex to shake out the drive.

  • Snatch + Hang Snatch + 2 OHS up to 60Kgs x3

It was really fun, but that’s literally all I did training wise that day.

Friday Training was fun, still really short, but fun. It was my 1st time doing jerks in over 15 weeks. They felt surprisingly really good! Everyone kept telling me I could come back much stronger than I think, and they are probably right.

  • Power clean + jerk up to80kg 3×1
  • Power clean 85kgx1 90kg x1 (90% of my best ever power clean)
  • Squats 4×10 75kg, 4×5 95kg (back and forth)

Shoulder Bro session

  • Plate raises and such

Core work

  • Banded dead bugs 3×10 e +
    • Plank Lat Pulls 3×10 e

Saturday, we had at least one athlete in every single session, so the coaches were too busy to watch me. Which means, I wasn’t allowed to do any Olympic lifting. I’m assuming because Coach Don doesn’t want me to develop any bad habits as I return to the lifts. So everything on Saturday was strength work, and still pretty light weights.

  • Front Squat80kg 5×3
  • Snatch Deadlift 5×3 90kg
  • RDL 5×8 65kg

It was a good 1st week back to training. I’m having so much fun and I’m super excited to start pushing my numbers again!1 Lets gooooo.

Bodyweight: 60.6 kg


Wednesday – March 1st, 2017

13 Weeks post ankle Surgery.

Yesterday, Tuesday, I FINALLY had my 2nd follow up Doctors appointment. He retook x-rays of my ankle, said everything looked good, and gave me the green light to start training higher impact again!!! This gives me 10.5 weeks to train for National. Originally we thought my 1st meet was going to be the AO3 in September, but being able to get out on the big stage again so soon makes me SO excited! 10 weeks isn’t much, but I’m mentally and physically ready to give it everything I’ve got. (As soon as Coach Don let me wayways..)

Here was Tuesday Training.

  • Snatch up to 3×1 at 70kg
    • I’m very happy with this my 1st day back full snatching, the movement felt a bit unfamiliar, but I had no misses and they looked better than they felt.
  • Squat  3×10 65kg, 3×5 85kg (back and forth)
    • Squats felt good and strong, really light weight, but still strong

Upper Body Bro/ Conditioning

  • Incline DB Bench alternating 3×10 40lbs
  • Fat Grip OH DB carry 40lbs fwd/bkw +
    • Wall Facing Hand stand holds
  • 20 Minute row

We are slowly going to increase the volume and intensity of my workouts. I feel ready to go, ready to train hard, but I have to be smart. That’s going to be the hard part. That being said… Coach Don wasn’t around for Wednesdays training, and I probably wasn’t very smart… but man did I have fun!

Here’s what I did Wednesday.

  • FS up to single at 110kg
    • I had no idea what my leg strength would be coming in, but I REALLY wanted to see what my starting point was. I worked up to heavy (not max) and 110 is where I ended up. This is 24kg less than my best FS and still 5kgs less than I’ve cleaned before. But it’s a good starting point and I’m happy with it!
  • Power Clean + Clean off block to 90kg
    • Coach Don said I’m grounded again. I wasn’t supposed to work up that high, but I was catching the powers really high, the full cleans felt smooth, and I was just having so much fun. Whoops.
  • Deadlift 5×5 110


  • Row :30/:30 x10

Whelp, I’m super excited to be back, and can’t wait until Don lets me loose!

See ya at the Arnold this weekend??

Bodyweight: 61.3kg

Monday – February 27th, 2017

Week 13 Post Ankle Surgery

Today was a down day. I just hung out, did a little bit of work and had fun. Preparing myself and saving my energy for death by squats and actual REAL life snatches on Tuesday! 🙂

  • Kang Squats 5×8 35kg
  • Pullups – 8,8,8,10
  • DB bent over row 5x10e 40lbs

Conditioning/core – 3 Rounds

  • 1000m row
  • 30 sec medball plank
  • Banded Deadbugs 3x10e

Coach Don wants me to start rowing and doing some kind of conditioning every day. The goals is to lean out some, and pack as much muscle onto this body as possible.

Days Until my Next Doc appointment: 1!!!!!!!!!!

Bodyweight: 60.9

Saturday – February 26th, 2017

Week 12 Post ankle Surgery.

This week of training was very similar to last weeks. So I’ll spare you the details of every single thing I did everyday, and just give a quick summary instead.  No feet power snatches, no feet power cleans, kang squats, RDL’s and all the upper body and core work.

Two highlights of the week. A 65kg, no feet power-ish power snatch, and 70kgs for 2 no feet-ish power cleans. Weights are feeling surprisingly light  (even though relative to what I’ve done in the past, they are) , and I’m moving really fast. If you’ve kept up with my training log at all, you would have seen me do lots and lots of kneeling snatches and kneeling cleans while I was still in my cast and boot. You will have also read that some days I hated the crap out of them. However, all the frustration paid off. I feel much faster at the hips, and just have a better overall awareness of what’s going on in the middle of my pull.

I wasn’t supposed to work up that heavy in the snatch, but coach Don took the day off, which left coach Trav to instigate and hype me up. They are seriously the perfect coaching duo. Coach Don, the rational technician, and Coach Trav, the aggressing hype man. Perfect balance. (Except for when one’s gone and I do things I’m not supposed to and end up grounded with no peanut butter. hahaha)

Anyways, Saturday’s, since I can’t squat heavy yet, are a day of conditioning/active recovery for me. Really I just come to the gym to hang out with the team and get out of the house.

  • 5000M row
  • A billion body weight lunges
  • lots of stretching

Days Until My next Doc appointment: 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bodyweight: 60.7


Monday – Feb 20th, 2017

Week 12 Post ankle surgery.

Nice little training session went down this Monday. I’m getting SO Anstey for my next doctors appointment. Pleaseeeeeeee just let me train hard!

  • High Block Power cleane 8×3 55kgs
    • These are the worlds most frustrating movement.
  • Single Leg squats 5x10e
    •  I was able to do some real pistol squats on my Right leg for the 1st time EVER. So that was pretty exciting. Mobility gains are happening.
  • Kang Squats 6×6 50kg

Back Bro-work

  • Pullups 8,8,7,7
  • Inverted rows 5×8 25lbs +
    • KB Bent over Row 5x6e 50lbs
  • Hyper Extensions 3×8+10sec 15kg
  • Sled Pulls 5x down and back 75kg

Days until my next Doc appointment : 1 week!

Bodyweight 61.5