Tuesday – March 8th, 2017

14 Weeks post ankle surgery

Things are getting fun! Much to my surprise Coach Don pretty much let me basically max out today. I think he wanted to get an idea of where I’m at, so we know where we are building from. Weightlifting is so much fun man, I’m so excited to be back at it.

  • Snatch- bunch of triples and doubles up to a single at 78kg, and 2 misses at 80kg
    • Pretty happy with this, nothing felt heavy, I was just making minor technical errors that’ll get fixed these next couple of weeks. This is about 85% of my best snatch prior to my surgery. We’ve got some work to do!
  • Clean and jerk up to 100kg, no misses.
    • This was my 1st time doing full clean and jerks since surgery. So I’m pretty happy with this as well. Movements felt good, my body just isn’t used to the heavy loads. I’m excited to get these legs strong again, and see what I can do in 10 weeks!


  • SA fat Grip DB OH carries x5 45lbs
  • Bottoms up z press 5x6e 25kgs
  • Handstand walks

Nationals: 10 weeks out!

Body weight 60.9kg



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