Address Muscular Imbalances to Get Jacked

Address Muscular Imbalances to Get Jacked

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This year I have learned so much from my friend Zach Greenwald about addressing Muscular Imbalances to increase performance and limit the risk of injury. I had the opportunity to hang out with Charles Poliquin back in 1998. He was actually the first person to talk about identifying and addressing muscular imbalances. Louie Simmons talks about addressing weaknesses as well. However Zach seems to have quantified the process a little better than both of them.

During my #GridStyle Training, I have spent quality time each week to address several of my weaknesses. Two of the biggest weaknesses that I have are overhead strength and pull-up strength. Both have come along so well. Both of these weaknesses were developed after I fractured a vertebra in my cervical spine in 2007. The radial nerve in my left arm has been majorly affected. This is the reason that I spin to my right when I snatch and clean.

Zach taught me that if I constantly addressed those weaknesses, the nerve pathways would slowly open up. I started this #GridStyle Program 6 weeks ago. When it started, I could strict press 198lb, Jerk 330lb, and perform 3 strict pull-ups (none chest to bar). Now I can strict press 250lbs, Jerk 400lbs, and perform 12 strict pull-ups (3 chest to bar). Just 6 weeks! I am so excited. I haven’t been this strong and moved this well in over 9 years.

Here are some of the things that I am doing:

• I perform pull-ups at least 3 times per week, and I am always trying to increase volume. If I have to, I will perform 20 sets of 1. Whatever it takes to increase the work.
• I perform overhead work 3-4 times per week. Believe it or not, the high rep jerk and push press work has helped the most. When I started, I could perform 1 set of 220lbs x 3 reps without setting the weight down. Now I can do multiple sets of 10 reps with 245lbs.
• Overhead carries and holds are essential. I use a fat bar or axle bar for my carries and holds. The extra time under tension really forces my left side to stabilize.
• Unilateral presses, holds, carries, and squats. This lets me know exactly where my left arm is compared to my right side.

I have changed the way that I look at strength training. I don’t believe that one needs to focus on just the lifts that they are competing in. I used to believe that weightlifters needed to snatch and clean & jerk 3-4 times per week each. I am not saying that approach won’t work. However if there are weaknesses present, addressing those are just as important. I have watched so many athletes benefit from this approach lately. Travis Cooper has benefitted the most. I have watched him address his weaknesses, and now he is the strongest that I have seen him in a very long time.

If there are muscular imbalances present, all the technique work in the world won’t fix your problem. I have watched countless people avoid addressing their weaknesses. Let’s face it; no one enjoys training movements that they are weak at. However, they enjoy the PRs that come from addressing those weaknesses.

The battle of strength vs. technique will rage on until the end of time. It’s a silly argument as far as I am concerned. It’s a combination of the two where the magic happens. I just think that it is time that we use our brains here. I know that having a 400lb strict press doesn’t necessarily mean that someone will jerk 450lbs. However if someone has a strict press of 135lbs, jerking 400lbs is going to be a lot more difficult. A balanced base of strength is so important for all sports. In weightlifting having a strong structure is important to support the weight that they are going to be handling. A strong balanced structure is important for overall performance, and the ability to withstand the force the body will be subject to.

All I can say is that a balanced approach has helped me have the best six weeks of results of y whole life. Not only am I getting stronger at a much faster rate, but I am also feeling better as a whole. I am able to perform more quality volume without feeling crippled. As a 41 year-old athlete, this aspect is incredibly important. I can’t just go home and go to bed. I have a wife and child that deserve my attention and I can honestly say that they are getting it. I feel great!

During this process of getting in shape to compete within the Grid League, I hope to pass on all the knowledge that I acquire. Hopefully, I will be able to give you all ideas that will help progress your own training. I especially want to inspire my 35+ year-old brethren to get out there and get after it. Thank you all for the incredible support that I have received lately. The encouragement means so much!

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