A Revolutionary Look at Sports Training with Tony Holler – The Barbell Life 400

This week on The Barbell Life Podcast, we talk to Coach Tony Holler about a revolutionary way of looking at not only football practice but all sporting practices. He takes science and common sense and blends them into an obvious change that needs to take place in sports practices around the world.

Here’s a bit of what to expect:

  • The Wave Theory and how it is revolutionizing sporting practices all over the world
  • If the best high school football players experience 10 minutes of total go time, what should that mean for practice?
  • Why it’s a bad idea to crush athletes during practice
  • What does the concept ‘low density but high output’ mean
  • Positivity should rule practice, but how?
  • High Output waved with Fundamental days and what’s in each
  • Why conditioning doesn’t help with the 4th Quarter
  • If you can run 22 mph, then 19mph is easy all game long
  • Why should coaches let the game be the hardest day of the week
  • Importance of Speed in Reserve
  • If kids love the game, the coaches, and practice, they will do whatever it takes on Friday.
  • Playing football creates more capacity.
  • Sample speed work: 10 – 40yd dashes for time unless time drops and then cut it.
  • Championship Sleep minimum of 8 but optimal 10
  • Alan Bishop told him about Eat Like a Man for Nutrition
  • Punishment #1 a look of disapproval
  • Punishment #2 Remove work aka practice
  • What does “Feed the Cats” really mean?

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