The Latest Methods and Why – The Barbell Life 401

This week’s look at the science of possible adaptations to the different methods within an athletic performance program is going to be an ongoing series to teach coaches the multiple adaptations that are possible.

This week, I discuss:

  • The Principle of Specificity
  • Each Bar Velocity comes with its own set of Adaptations
  • Each Type of External Resistance (Typical Bar Weight, Bands, Chains, etc.) comes with its own set of Adaptations
  • Each Muscular Contraction (Concentric/Shortening, Eccentric/Lengthening, and Isometric/Static) comes with its own set of Adaptations. (Spoiler Alert: I bet you aren’t optimally utilizing the possible adaptations)
  • You will learn the key to optimizing your athletic performance training is
    1. Understanding the demands of the athlete’s particular sport
    2. Understanding the individual’s current athletic qualities
    3. Then setting the priorities for the individual
  • Finally, I will teach you how to program for the individual in a group setting. P.S. it’s not as hard as you might think

If you listen carefully and take notes, this podcast could put you on the road to becoming a great athletic performance coach. I can promise that 99% of the coaches have a set program they have used for years without ever considering the principles you will learn about in this podcast.

No, you can’t just lift heavy weights, get stronger, and expect all athletic qualities to improve mysteriously. Luckily, it’s not hard to make a few changes that will lead to extraordinary results.

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