Tuesday – December 27th, 2016

Oly Work

  • Kneeling Cleans 8×3 50kgs

20 Minute Frustration Cry

Back Work

  • Back Extensions with Batwing Row 5×10 15lbs
  • GHD Back Flys 3×20 2.5kgs
  • Reverse Plank 2x1min 1x2min 35lbs

Leg Experimenting

  • Glute Bridge (legs on bench) 5×20 15lbs

Bodyweight 63.4kg

Days Until I get to start walking: 20

Today I was frustrated. Really frustrated, with the fact that I can’t do anything for myself. I can’t load my own barbell, can’t carry dumbbells and have to ask for help with basically everything. I literally sat in the corner and cried for 20 minutes after my cleans. These moments will make me stronger, I will make it through. It will suck and it will suck often, and nothing will change that. But it will get better and I will be strong.

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