Training Log – Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hump day training!! Legs were alright yesterday. Some residual soreness from the soft tissue work, but probably much better than they would have been had I not had it done.

High Bar Back Squat 1rm w/1 second pause – worked my way to 275#/125k and it felt like I had one more in me. This match last week’s 1rm w/3 second pause. I got greedy and tried to PR my high bar at 290# but the legs said not today! As you can see, legs were a little wobbly.

Then it was -20% (down to 220#/100k) for 3×3 with last set being 3+. Last week, I did this weight for 15. It wasn’t so much the weight was heavy, I kept feeling a clicking in my left achilles coming out of the hole, so I stopped at 10. Better safe than sorry!!

Squat Bottoms 5rm then  -10% for 5 – worked my way to 215#/98k and stopped. 30# less than last week, but still felt that clicking in the left achilles. Down set of 5 was at 195#.

Deadlift 3rm with 1st rep paused 1 seconds at the knee – I am proud of this one!! Last week, I hit 315#. Yesterday, I hit 325#/148k with no belt! My best ever 3rm is 330# and it was with a belt, no pause, and maximal. LOL Then it was -10% (down to 285#) for 2×3 no pause.

Unilateral RDLs 4×5 each leg w/75# KB


Wishing safe travels and good luck to all the Juniors from Mash Mafia competing at Nationals in Kansas City this weekend!! Go Ryan, Cole, Matt, and Jacob!!





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