Wednesday February 22, 2017 Reload Week

I finished off my Wednesday with the Compex strength cycle on my quads followed by the active recovery cycle. I think I’m going to try the strength cycle on my shoulders as well to see what happens. On to today’s lifting which was all squats and accessory work.

Eze Front Squats

  • 91kg for 1×3
  • 81kg for 2×3

Push Press

  • 70kg for 1×5
  • 60kg for 1×5 and 1×10

Jerk Recoveries

  • 110kg for 1×5
  • 100kg for 1×5

Accessory Circuit:

  • Weighted Push Ups 3×10 with 10kg plate
  • Bent Over Rows 3x10e with 40lb plate
  • KB High Pulls 3×10 with 50lb KB

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