Today’s Workout Was Crazy!


Here are my results:

Snatch Complex 90/1, 100/1, 110k/242lbs/1(This was 2 Snatch Pulls, 1 Snatch, & 2 OH Squats)
Squats 186/5×3, 191/5, 196k/432lbs/5
Snatch Pulls 140k/308lbs/3×3
Pull-ups and GHRs

Brealon put on a shop today with a 100k Snatch Complex! That was his 1RM Snatch! Check it out:

We are all ready for some much needed volume. My goal is to get all of my Olympic Weightlifters above a 500lb Squat! They all have efficient pulls, so now it’s time to get strong!

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