Tuesday October 22, 2013 and The Goals of This Cycle


Day 2
OH Squats 3x5reps
Jerks Max 1, 80/2 x 2
Bench 3x5reps start with 80%
Bentover Rows 10RM then -5% and -10%

Met Con

30 Clean and Jerks 135/95#

Yesterday was brutal! We are in an obvious volume cycle. Our goal is to peak twice before University Nationals. Everyone on the team has the goal to medal, and yesterday the whole team trained like it. Below are the goals for the next twelve weeks:

Weeks 1-4
-Drive the squats up!
-Stabilize the overhead positions!
-High volume to allow for future adaptations and compensations

Weeks 5-8
-Peak the squat
-Peak Overhead Strength
-Increase volume of Snatch and Clean & Jerk
-Conjugate Method applied to Snatch & Clean & Jerk

Weeks 9-10
-Peak the Snatch and Clean & Jerk
-Lower volume on Squats, but keep the intensity high
-Taper to allow for compensation

Follow along if these goals match your own. We can all be one big MashMafia together! Here are a couple of videos from yesterday:

This weekend is “Learn 2 Lift” Greensboro! There are still a few spots, so sign up and let’s slam bars! For information on this and other Seminars, go to:


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