Monday February 20, 2017 Reload Week

This week is a little lighter to give my body a few days to recover from the beating its taken the past two weeks. I feel like the past eight weeks have been great for my lifting and next week I’m going to push my lifts to the limit and see what happens. In the mean time I’m going to try to make my light lifts look good and make sure my recovery is on point. A few things I do to optimize my recovery are stretching, my Compex unit, icing, and sleeping. I’ve tried epsom salt baths in the past and liked them it just isn’t something I’ve done lately. The Compex unit is something that I added just a couple of weeks ago, but so far I love it. I use the active recovery setting to help me bounce back from tough training sessions faster and the strength cycle in addition to my normal training. Anyways on to today’s training session.

Block Clean and Jerks:

  • 75kg 2×3
  • 80kg 1×2
  • 85kg 2×1
  • 92kg 1×1
  • 95kg 1×1

Block Power Cleans:

  • 75kg 2×3
  • 80kg 3×3

Back Squat:

  • 122kgx5 with the first rep paused for 1s and 104kg 1×8  The set at 122 felt pretty slow and heavy, so I called it there.

Deficit Pulls:

  • 104kg at 3×3

Deficit RDL’s:

  • 3×6 at 85kg

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