Tuesday February 21, 2017 Reload Week

To say I was moving slow today would be an understatement. That’s okay though, not everyday is going to be easy or feel amazing. On days like that you just have to put your head down and push through your reps.

Snatch Push Press + OHS:

  • Worked up to 72kg

Block Snatches:

  • 60kg for 2×3
  • 65kg for 1×2
  • 68kg for 2×1
  • 72kg for 1×1
  • 75kg for 1×1

Power Position Block Snatches:

  • 55kg for 3×3

Front Squat for 1rm with 5s pause:

  • 108kg for 1×1

I supersetted the front squats with face pulls and band pull aparts. I did three sets of ten for each exercise.

Snatch Pulls with 6s eccentric:

  • 85kg for 3×3

KB Snatch + SA Overhead Carry:

3 sets of 5 + 40yd carry each arm with a 40 pound kettlebell.


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