Mash Jacked Youth and Some Lessons

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Mash Jacked Youth

I have coached some of the best Youth Weightlifters in America over the last few years, but I have never had a group like I do now. Our Youth Team has grown quite a bit in the last couple of week including three nine-year-olds. However in this article I am referring to the four amazing Youth that I get to work with everyday. Here’s the list:

• 17-year-old Matt Wininger
• 15-year-old Ryan Grimsland
• 14-year-old Morgan McCullough
• 16-year-old Ameer Khan

We have some amazing Youth Online, and one on her way to Youth Pam American Championships from our Mash Mafia Minnesota Team coached by my friend Vinh Huynh. However, once again in this article we are referring to the four horseman that crush weights every day at the Mash Compound.

This group has formed over the last couple of months. Three of them have legitimate shots of making an International Team next year, and one, Ameer, I brand new. However Ameer is probably the hardest working athlete that I have ever coached. That work ethic along with his talent will take him right to the top. He’s getting ready right now for his first National Meet the American Open 3. The whole group is tapering for that meet, and I am excited to see them throw down in Grand Rapids.

I am not going to spend this article bragging about my Youth. I want to give you guys some ideas about creating the same situation in your gym. Here’s what makes this group so special:

• They get along like brothers.
• They’re all competitive
• They’re encouraging of each other
• They are all incredibly talented
• They are all driven
• They have fun.

In the last month, there hasn’t been a day that has gone by without one of them setting a new personal record. This past Friday, every last one of them set one or more personal records. Ryan crushed his personal record in the snatch, clean & jerk, and total. The other boys were just as excited as Ryan, and that’s what makes their group so special.

I hate the buzzword “community”, but it’s crucial that your team gel. These boys do more than just get along. They care about each other. They support each other, and that’s why these boys are going to reach their goals. They are going to push each other right to the top.

Everyday there is a competition that breaks out among the boys. It’s not always about them hitting a maximum in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Sometimes they compete in max repetitions in a hang snatch or power clean. The point is that they are always competing. Some people might think that competing all the time isn’t good. They’re wrong! Heck I encourage and instigate the competitions half the time. What’s key is that it’s a healthy environment. They don’t get mad at each other. Yes they want to win, but they realize that everyday can’t be their day. Heck Morgan is the one telling Ryan to put more weight on the bar most of the time.

A big part of their success is that they are all driven. Heck the rookie, Ameer, is probably more driven than the rest of them. No one trains harder than Ameer. The point to all of this is that one bad apple can ruin the bunch. I don’t have one person on our team that grieves me. They are all focused on the same thing, and that’s being the best athlete possible. That champion environment breeds Gold Medals. I’d love for all of you to think that I am some genius, but the truth is that I just facilitate a good environment. Well I write some good programs too, but have this community and culture makes it impossible not to get better.

The last point that I want to leave you guys with is that these boys are laughing everyday. You don’t have to take weightlifting so serious. If you love it, why not have fun while training? These boys have a blast every single day. I will be honest. These boys make going to the gym like going to a party. Everyday I get excited to have fun with my team, and to watch these boys destroy barriers.

If you guys will facilitate the same kind of environment in your own gyms, I promise that your team will rise to the top and fast. You will also enjoy being in your gym because you are hanging out with champions that love the same sport as you. If you guys want to follow these boys as they rise to the top, you can follow them on Instagram: ⇒ @mashjacked

We want to add more Youth to our team. If you are in the Lewisville/Winston-Salem, NC area, message me at We are also adding Youth and Adults to our online team. Find out more below:

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