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Coach Travis Mash may be hundreds of miles away from you, but no distance can stop the Mafia. You can now be part of the Mash Mafia Online Team: receiving the same programming, coaching, insight, and community that you’d get if you were lifting in the same room with Coach Travis.

Coach Mash has made a name for himself recently in the world of Olympic weightlifting, but he is a lover of all things related to the barbell. He’s been a world champion powerlifter, has been recruited for professional Grid teams, and has trained countless athletes from middle schoolers to NFL players. And of course he fell in love with the barbell as a child who wanted to be a bodybuilder! 

Mash Elite is a team that allows you to pursue the barbell in your own way. We’re not just about weightlifting or powerlifting. Mash Elite lets you DO WHAT YOU WANT.

There are three levels of participation depending on your preference for individual customization and attention and all levels come with:

  • Programming delivered to you monthly
  • Access to a private Mash Mafia Facebook community 
  • All the PRs


In the Bronze level, you’ll receive your choice of 23 different pre-written programs for a variety of goals and situations:

– Olympic Weightlifting (including Youth Weightlifting)
– Powerlifting
– Super Total (Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting combo)
– Functional Fitness
– Athletic Performance
– Bodybuilding
– Powerbuilding (Powerlifting and Mass Gain)
– Minimal Equipment and No Equipment

You’ll also receive access to our private facebook group where all of our athletes can encourage each other, ask questions, provide insight, and talk about living the Barbell Life.

Bronze level team membership is only $45 a month. (And if you commit to at least three months, it's only $35 a month!)

Billing is month-to-month. We ask that you please give us a 15-day cancellation notice.

I've improved beyond belief with numbers I never thought I would be able to hit. I even have people come up to me at the gym like omg that's amazing.

Angela Favia 

Mash Mafia Team Member 


In the Silver level, you’ll receive completely customized programming – unique to your goals, constraints, and situation.

If you have limited equipment, no problem.
If you have to train around an injury, we can help you.
You can only spend a certain amount of time training? You’re good.

If you want to get the best weightlifting coaching in the world, you’ve got it. If you want powerlifting programming, it’s done. If you want to combine powerlifting with weightlifting… or powerlifting with playing football… or weightlifting with endurance running… or lifting with packing on some size… whatever you want to do… with Mash Elite, you can DO WHAT YOU WANT.

The programming is completely 100% customized to you.

With Silver Level coaching, you'll receive WEEKLY video analysis and coaching check-ins.

This level is perfect for someone who wants customization and the occasional input - but doesn't need the constant attention of the higher-priced Gold Level coaching.

As a Silver-level team member, you'll also receive:

WEEKLY Video Feedback & Analysis

Guaranteed video analysis from our expert coaches who will analyze your lifting technique and guide you towards constant improvement.

WEEKLY Email Access

Weekly email access to our coaches who can answer any questions you have about programming, technique, or anything related to lifting.

New Programming Each Month 

Written by his coaches and approved by Coach Mash. These coaches have been hand-picked by Travis and trained in his methodologies, so they’re top notch.

Barbell Life Facebook Group Access

Access to the Barbell Life Team Facebook group along with every member at every level of the Mash Elite team.


$115 / month

Billing for the Silver team is monthly. Your membership will continue month to month at the same rate. We ask that you please give us a 15-day cancellation notice.

I also love the fact that when my coach gives me a program; I am 100% confident that it will get me stronger. I know that it will be tough training but I will become better because of it; mentally and physically. 

Matthew Alligood

Mash Mafia Team Member 


The Gold Level is for athletes who want the personal touch of Coach Travis himself.

You’ll receive customized programming, athlete monitoring, DAILY video analysis and communication, weekly email check-ins, and coaching at MAJOR National Events that Team Mash is at by Travis or Crystal.

Coach Travis will analyze your videos, he will personally do your programming and coaching, and you’ll have his personal email address to reach out whenever you have any question.

Plus you'll have the very best in athlete monitoring feedback that Coach Travis Mash is becoming so well known for.


Senior International Coach, Team USA Coach 5 times, three-time World Champion Powerlifter, World Record Holder, Top Level Athletic Performance Coach having worked with multiple Pro (NFL, NBA, MMA, etc) and D1 Athletes.

Get the personal connection with Coach Travis Mash:


$299 / month

Billing is monthly. Your membership will continue month to month at the same rate. We ask that you please give us a 15-day cancellation notice.

I feel my programming is designed to help strengthen my weaknesses and is truly personalized.  I just competed at my third weightlifting competition and first sanctioned USAW meet and I lifted meet PR's on both lifts and my total. We talked about openers and attempts and had a solid plan for the day.  I took 2nd in my weight class and 2nd overall with a 123/145 and a 268kg total.  I believe with my coach and the Mash Mafia team I will be able to reach my goal of the American Open or Nationals in 2018 

Steven Smith

Mash Mafia Team Member 

Billing is monthly. After your commitment, your membership will continue month to month at the same rate. We ask that you please give us a 15-day cancellation notice.


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