Coaching the Person and not the Group! MDUSA

Starting with MDUSA has been amazing so far. I have two USA Level V coaches to learn from, and I have some of the best athletes in the world to work with. As the new coach on the block, it has been my mission to see where I fit. Here is where I fit so far:

1. Working with people who are injured like Rebecca and now Mike.
2. Motivation and instigating competition! Always a specialty!
3. Assisting Don with technique.

The third one has been the challenge because I want to make sure that I am using the same cues as Don. I am constantly listening and asking questions. Consistency is the key for any team to flourish. Tom made a comment yesterday that really made me feel like I was on the right track. He told me that he knew I was going to make it at MDUSA when I ran across the room to ask Don why he had given a certain cue to Rachael. I guess that I earned his trust when he saw that I was still so eager to learn. With a coach coming in that has already coached and competed at a high level, there is always a concern that you are bringing in a know-it-all. Well this coach is only getting started.

If you are a coach that doesn’t think there are things to learn from others, I suggest finding a different career path. I will never be done adding to my tool box. I have learned a lot from 22 year old Greg Nuckols because that kid is legit. I am not going to let my pride keep me from improving because that is cheating my athletes.

Another mission that I have had is to learn everyone’s personality, and what makes them tick. I am more of a positive uplifting coach, but some people need a little more and some a little less. Don is helping with this as well. Jared Fleming likes to get jacked and attack workouts. James is a little more reserved at times, but will get crazy at times. Tom is a little more chill. Rebecca likes to dance. Sean is a killer!!! I love it! Travis is calculated until it’s time to go heavy, and then it’s time to get loose!

Best group of athletes ever! I am so blessed! I won’t stop until I find out exactly what makes each of them tick. I want to stop talking about making an Olympic Team, and start talking about medals. Some of these guys and gals have that potential in my opinion. It is simply time for a PARADIGM SHIFT! I am ready to make that Shift!

Here is a video showing some of their crazy lifts from yesterday! Enjoy it and support MDUSA as they support this team:

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