Adee’s Transformation

Adee Zukier is one of my Mash Mafia Weightlifters. She quite possibly made the greatest transformation of any athlete that I have ever coached. Adee came to me with a goal to go down a weight class while getting stronger. Is this a tough endeavor? Well yes, but it’s possible. There are a few keys to this goal that I will share.

1. Proper nutrition is key! Adee is totally in control of her total caloric intake and knows the macronutrient breakdown as well. Seeking out the advice of an expert in this realm is an absolute must. A calorie is not a calorie! Knowing when to eat what and how much is imperative. I don’t recommend going to a one stop shop coach on this one. I specialize in programming and performance coaching. I have basic knowledge about nutrition, but there are people that just focus on nutrition. Those experts know all the latest research, and have experience to back it up.

2. Focus on the Timing and Technique! The first stages of our training began with several technique sessions. She had a major looping bar path, but we fixed that with a lower butt start and sweeping the bar back. We also did pause snatch and cleans from all positions, so that she would come to know the perfect biomechanics for each position.

3. Don’t lose Muscle Mass, Lose Fat! Then focus on absolute strength, and movement efficiency! Adee lost fat, not muscle! This is a big key. If you are smart with your weight loss, a weightlifter shouldn’t expect to get weak. Gaining absolute strength is about preparing the CNS to handle new loads, adaptation to work, and becoming efficient at the movement.

We increased her volume, and we increased the frequency in which she trained. She was used to training three times per week for 3-4 hours. The problem with that is the frequency that you are practicing your craft, and the quality of training session. Coach Pendlay told me about a study that he took part in proving that more frequent sessions produce superior results even when total volume for the week is equal. It’s like practicing basketball daily versus every other day.

Putting a focus on leg strength and squats was probably the best thing that we did with her training. We moved squats to days where they were the focus. When strength is the issue, put a focus on it. All these changes equaled:

1. A ripped 63k lifter!
2. 80k/176lbs Snatch! Lifetime PR!
3. 98k/216lbs Clean & Jerk! Lifetime PR!
4. 99k/218lbs Clean! Lifetime PR!
5. 315lb Back Squat! 40lb Lifetime PR!

I’m so proud of her. We are going to drop a plan based on Adee’s success within the month, so sign up for the newsletter to stay informed.

Here are some of Adee’s Highlights:

Here’s a video showing some more sick PRs:

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