All Eight of my Latest 12 Week Programs

Mash Mafia Family

A lot of people missed these workouts for some reason, so here they are all together. Now you all have them, so get out there and get jacked!

Workout #1 Mash Jacked

Workout #2 Mash Mafia Get Jacked Plan

Workout #3 RBCP Strength Focused Weightlifting Program

Workout #4 Mash Mafia Powerlifting Program

Workout #5 Advanced Eze Front Squat Program

Workout #6 Mash Bulgarian-ish 12 Week Plan

Workout #7 Mash Mafia MN Bulgarian Spin Workout

Workout #8 Mash Mafia Just Get Strong 8 Week Cycle

Workout #9 12 Week “Get Nasty” Olympic Weightlifting Program

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