Workout 5/28/14 Focusing on Weaknesses

Pretty solid day:

Clean from Box 151k/332lbs x 1
Front Squat 205k/451lbs x 1 paused
Standing Press 70/3,80/3×2

Cleans are improving every week. I do a lot of work off the box because the exercise takes my greatest strength out of the equation, first pull, and it forces me to focus on my weakness, the third pull. It’s a total mental game for me to simply pull and go under. The paused squats are the biggest key to my recent success. Pausing in the bottom has increased my mobility, stabilized me with a vertical back, and gotten me strong, and all of this increases almost weekly.

I hear way too many people telling me how they front squat 100lbs more than they clean. If that’s the truth, then I recommend nothing but paused work until that gap shrinks to about 40lbs. You should learn to be comfortable in the bottom position, so try taking deep breaths while in the bottom.

My presses definitely need the most work. I fractured my cervical spine in 2007, and now I have permanent damage to the radial nerve of my left arm. I am now focusing on my pressing strength to hopefully increase OH stabilization. Focusing on one’s weaknesses isn’t the glamorous part of training, but it is the necessary part.

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