Preparation for the Bar Slamming Festival

My Training 5/27/14

High Bar Back Squat 230k/506lbsx1 paused rep
P. Snatch 110k/242lbs x 1
P. Clean 145k/319lbs x 1
3 Board Bench Press 415lbs x 3 reps
Paused Bench to Chest 350 lbs

I am training for the Bar Slamming Festival that Jon North and I are putting on in conjunction with the Garage Games. We are having Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and CrossFit in this epic festival. It’s a great place for me to focus my energy right now.

This has been a year full of mixed emotions. I lost my friend Lisa G to cancer, Baby Mash is due September 23rd, and my wife is the most beautiful pregnant lady in the world. I have spent my life expressing myself with the barbell, and now is no different.

I hope that you all follow my training as I post my results and feedback right here. My workout will be focused on a hybrid Powerlifting and Weightlifting Program that I designed. It will be interesting to see if I am able to progress all my lifts for this meet. I will be opening myself up for questions right here, so ask away.

I will also be posting videos as often as possible.

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