Barbell Shrugged’s Anders Varner – The Barbell Life 209

Anders has been into this crazy world of CrossFit longer than probably anyone else you know. He was also one of the first people to ever own a CrossFit box. And now he’s teamed up with Barbell Shrugged to expand their network of podcasts and to teach us all.

So listen in to this one to hear the scoop on where CrossFit has been and where it’s going – and what Anders would do if he were to open a CrossFit box today. And Anders drops some great insight into teaching people about fitness, the great guests that he’s met and interviewed, and what makes a guest truly incredible in his mind.

We also get into how Anders is currently training himself – because it’s not easy fitting everything in when life gets super busy.

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  • How he has been instrumental in Barbell Shrugged’s current direction
  • Why he got out of CrossFit and what he would do now if he were starting a gym
  • How to know an interview is killing it
  • The impact “Body for Life” had on him
  • Training to go slow?
  • and more…

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