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Lisa LiftWhile hosting an Olympic Weightlifting Seminar at the Mash Mafia Compound, I was asked the most interesting question. During the Q&A section of the camp, one of the attendees asked me, “What brings you the most enjoyment about coaching?” It was the best question that anyone has ever asked me. I really had to think about that because I am blessed with the best job in the world. Every day I get to work with some of the best athletes in the entire world, and more importantly I get to do life with them every day. After thinking long and hard, I realized that the answer was a two part answer. Of course I love helping these athletes reach their goals, but I love helping them grow as men and women just as much.

I made a lot of mistakes growing up especially during my athletic career. Some of those mistakes haunt me to this very day, and I want so badly to help my athletes avoid these mistakes. The biggest mistake that I made was being so self-centered during my career as a powerlifter. I was totally self-absorbed, and I totally neglected everyone that meant anything to me. I had such an opportunity to help other people, and I just threw it away. I would receive hundreds of emails every day from people that looked up to me. I did an interview every week for a year with different magazines, forums, and websites, and all I talked about was myself.

I should have encouraged those people that were reaching out to me. I could have told people about Christ if I had been a Christian. I could have started charities, or an outreach ministry to help under-privileged children. The fact is that I didn’t do any of these things. What I can do is let my athletes know the mistakes that I made, so that they will never have to say “could of” or “should of”. Now I can use the bad things that I have done, and turn them into a good thing.

Succeeding at a sport isn’t the beauty of being an athlete! True success comes from using your own gifts to help others. That is the truest statement that I have ever made. If a weightlifter becomes a gold medalist in the Olympics and uses his fame to help others improve their lives, then their success will have true value. I recommend that all athletes check their motivation for success. If it is only personal glory, I recommend re-evaluating. Live for something bigger than yourself! That is the key. My goal is to use my gifts to bring God glory, enrich my family, and to improve the lives of my friends and athletes.

Watching my athletes mature as men and women and seeing them reach their goals bring my more joy than I could ever deserve. Watching them receive Division 1 college scholarships, and seeing them win National Championships is only half of what brings me joy and happiness. Seeing them use that success to help others is what completes the whole thing. I can honestly say that Lisa G did it better than all of us! We will always miss you Lisa. I am truly blessed with the best group of athletes on this earth!

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