Training Week 3 1/16-1/21 Crystal McCullough

Apologies for writing a book this week. The week got away from me before I could sit down to write. Hang on until the end 🙂

Some great training was had last week!

Monday 1/16 Day 1

Low Bar Back Squat w/belt 5rm (1st rep paused 1 second) – hit 270#/123k, which is 5# more than last week!

Then, -15% from above and go for 5+. Weight was 230#/104.5k for 11 reps.

Deadlift pausing 2 seconds 2″ off floor and at knee 70% 12×1 ending at <88%. Started at 250#/113k and ended at 310#/141k. NO BELT.

BB elevated hip thrusts 3×8 at 115#

BB Lunges (8RPE) 3×8 each leg at 75#

Later in the day, I did a little gymnasty weighted work. Maxed out my ring dip at 44# and weighted pull-up at 52.5#, barely missing 60#, which would have been a PR!

Tuesday 1/17 Day 2

Front Squat w/belt 1rm paused 5 seconds (RPE7) – worked up to 203#/92k and stopped. My left wrist was giving me some issues.

Bench Press 5rm (3 second pause each rep) – decided to try widening my grip a little bit and see if I am in a stronger position. Ended up with 145#/66k , which is 5# more than last week, and then tried 150#/68k and got 4 reps and racked it. 155#/70.5k is my best ever 5rm and that was touch and go. I say bench is finally moving in the right direction.

Then, -15% for 3×5 with last set being 5+. 125#/57k for 11 reps!

CG floor press w/25# chains 8rm, then -10% for 2×8. Worked to 118#+chains (3# more than last week), with downsets at 108#+chains.

DB power clean seated 3×12 at 15# dbs

BB rows paused 2 second at sternum 3×10 at 75#

OH carries w/axle 3×40 yds at 95#

Wednesday 1/18 Day 3

High Bar Back Squat 3rm (1st rep paused 1 second) – worked up to 260#/118k, which is 5# more than last week. I stopped here due to seeing a slight shift coming out of my squat. Didn’t want to risk going higher.

Then – 10% for 3+. 235#/107k for 8 reps.

This was ss with prisoner jump squats 3×5 focusing on height.

Squat Bottoms 8rm then -10% for set of 8. Worked up to 215#/98k; 10# more than last week and then back down to 195#/88k for down set.

2″ Deficit RDLs w/band 3×8 working to 9-10RPE. Started at 165#, 185#, and ended at 205#/92k (10# more than last week).

Unilateral RDLs 3×8 each leg w/53# KB

Conditioned a second session with a classic CrossFit type workout:

5 Rounds for Time: 10 Kettlebell Swings 44#, 10 Burpees Time: 6:22

Thursday 1/19 Day 4

Speed Bench (alt grip) CG w/10% chains

  • 70%+chains (123#+chains) 2×5
  • 80%+chains (138#+chains) 1×5

  • Then, 5rm no chains – worked to 143# for 5 and tried 148#, but having to rack it at 4.

This was ss w/explosive clapping push-ups for 5×5 then 4×3, resting 60s b/t first 5 sets and 90s b/t last 4 sets. This makes the bench so spicy!!

KB Bottom up Z press – 3×10 each arm w/15#

Pull-ups 3xsubmaximal for 11/10/7 reps all strict and pronated

Hang muscle snatch 3×5 w/63#

Finished off the evening with 6x40yd sled push sprints with 45# on it. Timed last one at 13 seconds w/a halfway turnaround.

Friday 1/20 Day 5

Fun at the Mash Compound with some Mash Method Squats!!!


Set 1 at 88% (127k/279.4#) for 3 and 68% (98k/215.6#) for 10

Set 2 at 132k/290.4# for 3 and 103k/226.6# for 10

Set 3 at 134k/294.8# for 3 and 108k/237.6# for 10

**resting only 2 minutes b/t sets of 3 and 10.

That last set of 3 at 134k/294.8# is a 2k PR from last week and a lifetime 3rm PR.

Deadlift w/alternate stance (SUMO) 3rm w/5 second eccentric – worked to 270#/123k. NO BELT. This is pretty big for me. I don’t feel super strong in this stance and my best 1rm with no eccentric is 305# I believe!!!

KB Swing w/band at hips for 4×12 with 50# eye level

Plate around the worlds 3×8 w/5k bumper plate

Saturday 1/21 Day 6

More Mash Method at the Mash Compound!! Following our in-house “Mash Mafia Invitational” meet, I was able to get in my last day of training.


Set 1 at 88% (155#/70.5k) for 3 and 68% (120#/54.5k) for 10

Set 2 at 160#/73k for 3 and 130#/59k for 10

Set 3 at 165#/75k for 3 and 135#/61k for 10

I FINALLY hit that 3rd rep on my last set after 3 weeks!! SO, got myself a new 3rm PR!! All reps were paused!

Felt so good, Travis had me go up! 2RM PR at 170#/77k

DB tricep EXT 6×8 w/20# ss Band pushdowns 6×15 w/med band (rest 30 sec b/t sets)

Fat bar curls 3×10 w/19k

Rows (bent over supinated w/axle) w/19k ss Band pull aparts w/light band 3×10+10

On to week 4 and 11 weeks out from my next meet!!! Let’s GO!!!

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