Program Balance with Mike Tuchscherer – The Barbell Life 388

Today we have my favorite powerlifting coach in the world on the show for a second time, Coach Mike Tuchscherer. You probably already know him. If not, get ready for a treat. I promise you will learn something by listening to this episode. 

During the show, we discuss:

  • His latest lessons from personal injury
  • How just the right dose might yield more than the maximum volume
  • The often-overlooked importance of the almighty Front Squat
  • The importance of Leadership, Relationship, and Problem Solving for Coach-Client Relationship
  • The optimal number of sessions per week for Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift
  • How to hit big totals without Back Squatting much at all
  • Of course, we talk RPE since he’s the one that brought it to the strength world
  • So much more!

Every word from Mike is gold! Enjoy!

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